High quality good price PP fdy yarn ring twisting machine spinning machinery spare parts for sale

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Twisting Yarn
Twisting Machine
Production Capacity:
Place of Origin:
Shandong, China
Brand Name:
Model Number:
Spinning Method:
Ring Spinning
Ring twister
Number of Spindle:
4-16 pcs
Operation Form:
Double Face
Speed of Spindle:
1200 - 6000rpm
Dia. of Traveler Ring:
Scope of Twist:
Dia. of Roller:
Customer Request
After-sales Service Provided:
Engineers available to service machinery overseas
Supply Ability
Supply Ability:
100 Set/Sets per Month
Packaging & Delivery
Packaging Details
Wooden case
Lead Time :
30 days

China Yarn Twisting Machine Manafacture:


Yarn Twisting Machine Technical Parameters:


Quantity of Spindle1601204012248/10/12
Speed of Spindle3310-6760 rpm2800-5730 rpm1800-2800 rpm2700-2100 rpm1800-2800 rpm1500-1800 rpm
Distance of Spindle140mm180mm280mm375mm280mm560mm
Dia of Traveler Ring100mm140mm204mm254mm250mm305
Twisting Directionz or sz or sz or sz or sz or sz or s
Scope of Twist60-800turns/m60-609turns/m80-350turns/m35-270turns/m35-270turns/m30-150turns/m
lifting Movement of Traveler Ring203mm205mm300mm300mm300mm300mm
Dia. of Roller51mm/57mm51mm/57mm57mm57mm57mm57mm
Motor Power11KW15KW15KW7.5KW11KW3KW
Overal of Dimension13.5×1.13×2.15m13.5×1.13×2.15m7.07×1.58×2.27m5.95×2×2.2m5.95×2×2.2m5.83×1.1×2m
Total Weight6500KG6800KG6600KG2800KG3800KG300KG






Product Description



The machine can twist different size of PP, PE, Polyester, Nylon,  Cotton single strand or multi-strands twisted yarn,which is widely used in various fields,such as rope, net, twine, webbing, curtain fabrics, etc.The PLC control system makes it adjust technology,direction of twist,speed and molding shape easily.The machine has characteristics of economic applicability.




1. strong suitability for materials, high reliable


2. take up small area, simple design


3. simple operation, easy to maintain


4. high output, low waste and cost, high performance


5. good efficient and convient


6. can use recyle material and new material steady


7. low energy consumption, low noise, stable operation, large loading capacity, long service life


8.Can use either recycled material and new material.






Spindles  Lifting Board and Transmission Shaft


The amount of spindle can be prepared according to customer . The drive shaft is a very important part in yarn twisting machine.It is reponsible for transfering power from motor to roller and lifting board.ideal.


                            Roller                                      Creel

The scope of twist can be controled by roller rotate speed.The roller rotate speed can controled by gear.(below picture)

Customer can decide the amount of strands what is 2 to 1 or 3 to 1.



Reduction Box                   Gear System

The reduction box can reduce speed untill it is suitable for lifting board.The gear system can change roller rotate speed by adjust various gear.



Relation Machines:



We are the best and most professional manufacturer that can produce a


complete set of rope making machines in China.




1).Plastic Monofilament extruder


2).Plastic Film extruder


3).Yarn twisting machine.


4).High speed twisted rope making machine


5).High speed braided rope making machine


6).High speed ball winder including single head and multi-heads(for Plastic PP


tape twine&Cotton twine&Sisal twine&Jute twine)


7).Spool winding machine


8).Coil machine


9).Hank winding machine.


10).Shrinking machine.


11).Strapping machine.



CE certificate

Our company machies have past lots of CE certificates which include:


Plastic Monofilament extruder,Plastic Film extruder,Yarn twisting machine.,High speed twisted rope making machine,High speed braided rope making machine,High speed ball winder including single head and multi-heads(for Plastic PP tape twine&Cotton twine&Sisal twine&Jute twine),Spool winding machine,Coil machine,Hank winding machine,Shrinking machine,Strapping machine.


Our Services


1).Installation Services


Installation Services are available with all new winder purchases. We will provide

the technical know-how for your operation smooth transition and support for

installing, debugging, operation of the machine, it will indicate you how to use

this machine well.


2).Clients Traning Services


We can train your staff to use your equipment systems properly.It means that we

offer Customers Training, teaching how to use the systems most efficiently and

safely as well as how to maintain optimal operational productivity.



3).After Sales Service



We offer the Preventative Maintenance and After Sales Service. For we strongly

feels about the importance of supporting our customers and the product

solutions we provide.Consequently we offer comprehensive maintenance

options to prevent equipment issues before they become problems.




1). What Is your company type? A  factory or trade company?

      We are a professional rope machine manufacturer. We can manufacture different size rope machine according to customer design.


2).How many years did your comapny working in the field?

    Our company have worked in rope machine fiel almost 20 years, and our company staff have worked in the field more than 30 years.


3).How much is your comapny workng area?

    More than 80000 m².




Company Information


Shandong Rope Net Machinery Co.,Ltd was founded in April 2002. The production of our company is machinery which can produce all kinds of rope, twine, net and webbing, all these machines are independently designed and reserached by ourselves.The products mainly include extruder,ring twisted, rope machine, rope packing machine etc.


  • Specialized manufacturer
  • Established in 2002
  • More than 1000 employees
  • Company type: OEM/ODM
  • World market: 90% for international, 10% for domestic
  • Annual sales amount: more than 35 million dollars
  • Products: Rope, Twine, Net, Webbing, Chain, Cable, Accessory; plastic extruder, rope making machine, 
  • ring twister,
  • braiding machine, packing machine.




    We had been accepted and confirmed by various customer groups, such as Retailer, wholesaler and professional manufacturer. 



    We had entered in many famous Hardware and DIY stores by more than 8000 items. Our products are widely

    used in Hardware retail, Industry,Agriculture,Marine,Safety,Household....in over 70 countries.


    • QUALITY 

    We are proud to be the member of CORDAGE INSTITUTE.

    We had passed ISO 9001,9004,14000 Certificates. 

    We have strict and standard QC inspection system inside. 



    We are proud to guarantee that our delivery time would not exceed 60 days.

    We have strong producing and packing ability with more than 700 workers and 6 factories. 

    Our annual production capacity is over 10000 tons only on rope product. 


    We supply One-stop service for all our customers. 

    We supply RIGHT products to RIGHT person with RIGHT price.

    We are devoted to satisfy  you with innonated works which will be better and better. 





                                           Twisted Rope                                     


  Laid rope, also called twisted rope, is historically the prevalent form of rope, at least in modern western history. Common twisted rope generally consists of three strands and is normally right-laid, or given a final right-handed twist. The ISO standard uses the uppercase letters S and Z to indicate the two possible directions of twist, as suggested by the direction of slant of the central portions of these two letters. The handedness of the twist is the direction of the twists as they progress away from an observer. Thus Z-twist rope is said to be right-handed, and S-twist to be left-handed.

Twisted ropes are built up in three steps. First, fibres are gathered and spun into yarns. A number of these yarns are then formed into strands by twisting. The strands are then twisted together to lay the rope. The twist of the yarn is opposite to that of the strand, and that in turn is opposite to that of the rope. It is this counter-twist, introduced with each successive operation, which holds the final rope together as a stable, unified object.


Rope making using the twisted rope method on a 1928 Metters Rope Making Machine

Traditionally, a three strand laid rope is called a plain- or hawser-laid, a four strand rope is called shroud-laid, and a larger rope formed by counter-twisting three or more multi-strand ropes together is called cable-laid.

One property of laid rope is partial untwisting when used. This can cause spinning of suspended loads, or stretching, kinking, or hockling of the rope itself. An additional drawback of twisted construction is that every fibre is exposed to abrasion numerous times along the length of the rope. This means that the rope can degrade to numerous inch-long fibre fragments, which is not easily detected visually.

Twisted ropes have a preferred direction for coiling. Normal right-laid rope should be coiled clockwise, to prevent kinking. Coiling this way imparts a twist to the rope. Rope of this type must be bound at its ends by some means to prevent untwisting.


                                          Braided Rope                                       


While rope may be made from a three or more strands, modern braided rope consists of a braided (tubular) jacket over strands of fiber (these may also be braided). Some forms of braided rope with untwisted cores have a particular advantage; they do not impart an additional twisting force when they are stressed. The lack of added twisting forces is an advantage when a load is freely suspended, as when a rope is used for rappelling or to suspend an arborist. Other specialized cores reduce the shock from arresting a fall when used as a part of a personal or group safety system.

Braided ropes are generally made from nylon, polyester, polypropylene or high performance fibers such as high modulus polyethylene (HMPE) and aramid. Nylon is chosen for its strength and elastic stretch properties. However, nylon absorbs water and is 10-15% weaker when wet. Polyester is about 90% as strong as nylon but stretches less under load and is not affected by water. It has somewhat better UV resistance, and is more abrasion resistant. Polypropylene is preferred for low cost and light weight (it floats on water) but it has limited resistance to ultraviolet light, is susceptible to friction and has a poor heat resistance.[8][9][10][11]

Braided ropes (and objects like garden hoses, fibre optic or coaxial cables, etc.) that have no lay (or inherent twist) uncoil better if each alternate loop is twisted in the opposite direction, such as in figure-eight coils, where the twist reverses regularly and essentially cancels out.

Single braid consists of an even number of strands, eight or twelve being typical, braided into a circular pattern with half of the strands going clockwise and the other half going anticlockwise. The strands can interlock with either twill or plain weave. The central void may be large or small; in the former case the term hollow braid is sometimes preferred.

Double braid, also called braid on braid, consists of an inner braid filling the central void in an outer braid, that may be of the same or different material. Often the inner braid fibre is chosen for strength while the outer braid fibre is chosen for abrasion resistance.

In solid braid the strands all travel the same direction, clockwise or anticlockwise, and alternate between forming the outside of the rope and the interior of the rope. This construction is popular for general purpose utility rope but rare in specialized high performance line.

Kernmantle rope has a core (kern) of long twisted fibres in the center, with a braided outer sheath or mantle of woven fibres. The kern provides most of the strength (about 70%), while the mantle protects the kern and determines the handling properties of the rope (how easy it is to hold, to tie knots in, and so on). In dynamic climbing line, core fibres are usually twisted, and chopped into shorter lengths, which makes the rope more elastic. Static kernmantle ropes are made with untwisted core fibres and tighter braid, which causes them to be stiffer in addition to limiting the stretch.



If you have any interest in our machine,pls contact us with your request details ,we will try our best to give you a good answer,your kind inquiry will be very appreciated!  Thanks!