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Other Names:
Zinc White
Place of Origin:
Guangdong, China
White Powder
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zinc oxide
White Zinc Oxide
Zinc Oxide
Grade Standard:
Industrial Grade
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Supply Ability
Supply Ability:
100 Ton/Tons per Day
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Hot selling zinc oxide price with low price




Product Description


Zinc Oxide is one of the most important ceramic chemical raw material flux in ceramic industry, Zinc Oxide is widely used in brick and tile glaze and coarse pottery translucent glaze and process transparent glaze glaze tableware coarse ripening. Especially in building ceramics, wall tiles, glazes and low temperature porcelain glaze, more consumption. Zinc Oxide direct to Zinc Oxide or zinc into the glaze, and use Zinc Oxide in the glaze effect: Zinc Oxide has strong fluxing action in the glaze, glaze expansion coefficient can be reduced, improving the thermal stability of the product, but also can increase the glaze gloss and whiteness, improve the elasticity of glaze. At the same time the expansion of melting range can increase the luster glaze. ZnO is an integral part of architectural ceramics and art ceramics.




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Generally speaking, Zinc Oxide is mainly used in the following aspects.
1.: Zinc Oxide used as flux in low temperature frit glaze as flux is used, generally at a dosage of 5% to 10%, in the amount of ordinary low temperature raw glaze is about 5%.
2.. Is used as an opaque agent. Adding Zinc Oxide to the glaze containing Al2O3 can improve the opacity of glaze. Because Zinc Oxide can produce zinc spinel ZnO / Al2O3 crystals with Al2O3. In the opaque glazes containing zinc, Al2O3 can improve the whiteness and turbidity of the glaze. SiO2 can improve the gloss of the glaze. When the content of CaO and B2O3 is low, the effect zinc turns out to be milky novel or whitish, which reduces the coefficient of expansion of the glaze.
3. as a crystallization agent: in the art glaze crystal glaze, Zinc Oxide is an indispensable crystallization agent. When molten glaze is cooled rapidly, it forms a larger crystal pattern, which is very beautiful. In crystalline glaze, the dosage of Zinc Oxide is as high as 20 ~ 30%.
4. used to make cobalt blue glaze: Zinc Oxide is a very important flux in cobalt blue sky glaze. It can make cobalt oxide form beautiful blue sky in glaze.
5. used as ceramic pigment: because of its strong fluxing effect, Zinc Oxide can be used as flux, mineralizer and glaze carrier of ceramic pigment






Zinc Oxide in use should pay attention to the following points:
1. before use, must be calcined at high temperature, calcination temperature of about 1200 degrees celsius. The reason is: reduce the calcination in the firing process of contraction; reduce bald glaze and bubbles, pinhole defect due to shrinkage, increase its density to avoid glaze is tofu curd shape, improve the properties of glaze. In addition the material frit is without calcination.
2., Zinc Oxide in glaze excessive dosage will affect the glaze luster. And will improve the fire resistance, viscosity, glaze is not easy to melt.
3. Zinc Oxide has poor effects on some glaze, especially chrome glaze. The utility model has the auxiliary function to blue, and prevents the tendency of mixing with chromium to be green, and can increase the luster of the glaze and avoid the crazing of the glaze.




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Guangzhou billion peak Chemical Technology Co., Ltd., founded in 2007, company headquarters is located in the South Gate of China - Guangzhou, is located in the heart of the economic development of the Pearl River Delta region, trade convenience and fast, it is choice for energy and chemical suppliers.


 At present, the company's products cover agriculture, food, medicine, veterinary medicine, cosmetics, industry, drilling, casting, papermaking, pigments, ceramics, paint and other fields

At present, production:bentonite, silicon elastic powder, gel, calcium carbonate, kaolin and other products .Sales: aluminum hydroxide, alumina, aluminum silicate, magnesium silicate, zinc stearate, calcium stearate, magnesium stearate, stearic acid 1801/1810, Zinc Oxide, titanium dioxide, lithopone, attapulgite clay, activated clay, barium sulfate, Active mica powder, magnesium powder, diatomite, glass powder, polishing powder, silicon powder, etc. Other products are still being developed and updated...

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1.Packing specification:

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1. As for the tiny amount(less than 50kgs), we will use express(TNT, FedEx, EMS or DHL etc), which is convenient.

2. As for the small amount (from 50kgs to 1000kgs), we will deliver by air or by sea.

3. As for the normal amount (more than 1000kgs), we usually shipped by sea. 





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A1: There is no limit, according to your requirements.


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