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Beauty Products
Herbal Supplements
Place of Origin:
Fujian, China
Brand Name:
Model Number:
Dosage Form:
Oral Liquid
Product Type:
Daily supplement nutrition/beauty drinks
vitamin C, A, B, carotene, tannic acid, aspartic acid,
Primary Ingredient:
TangShan Pear
Shelf Life:
2 Years
Supply Ability
Supply Ability:
100000 Box/Boxes per Day
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Natural Fruit Color without Any Addictive!

Ferment Fruit Juice Bring better Natural Taste!

Innovation Microbial Fermentation drinks!


More Fruit Available!    100% Natural Drink!

ItemPear enzyme drink
Description:It is selected high quality fresh pear and fermented with probiotics.  Pears contain a lot of vitamin A, carotene, protein, sugar, calcium, phosphorus. It has the function of reducing blood pressure, clearing heat and calming, and has a good therapeutic effect on the treatment of heart disease, dizziness and tinnitus. Nutritional components is more abundant and easy to be absorbed after fermentation
TechnologyConstant temperature continous multistage inlays  fermentation (CTMSM)
AdvantageConstant temperature continous multistage inlays  fermentation. A variety of food grade probiotics are used during fermentation, which make it more nutritious,Various fermentation methods can be selected according to the requirements of raw materials or fermentation products such as solid-state fermentation, liquid fermentation and other methods .
Sugar content25%
FeatureGood flavor and nutrition is easily absorbed
CertificateHACCP, ISO22000
CategoryEnzyme conentrate
Function1. The rich dietary fiber in pears can help people lower cholesterol levels and help to lose weight
2. Can improve the respiratory system and lung function, protect the lungs from dust and soot in the air
DosageDrink directly or diluted with warm water according to your taste
StorageKeep in a cool and dry place and keep away from light
Shelf time36 months
AttentionA:Based on our persistence of raw materials in season, It is not a change in quality if there is some tastes differences, or changes in colour
B: If there is a trace of sediment or bottle hanging phenomenon, due to natural fermentation, will not affect quality








Production Technoloy
  Positive Effects 
Vitality & Sleep quality                         
  • Reduce fatigue level
  • Reduction in irritability,anxiety;imrpoved mood
  • improved quality of sleep
  • improved appetite
  • increase enery

Skin Benefits

  • Improved skin complexion
  • Skin is more radiant,hydrated and firmer
  • Make-up adhere better and stay longer
Superior Porcessing Method
Understanding The Role Of Enzyme In Nutrition  

Enzymes are essentially the backbone of proper nutrition and digestion. They are the bio-catalysts for the functioning of many important bodily activities such as digestion, circulation, healing, detoxification and metabolism. 

The amount of the enzymes in the body is also closely related to the body's health, rate of ageing and susceptibility to diseases. Therefore, the higher the level of enzymes in the body would also mean the healthier we will be. 

3 Types of Enzymes

  • Food Enzymes (External): Exist naturally in raw food.

  • Digestive Enzymes (Internal): Found in the digestive system to help breakdown proteins, fats and carbohydrates in food. Need to be replenished through food intake and supplementation.

  • Metabolic Enzymes (Internal): Present in liver and all living body cells to support cellular metabolism. Need to be replenished through food intake and supplementation.

 Sign Of Low Enzyme Levels In The Body  


  • Obesity or underweight
  • Allergies&Low Immunity
  • Muscle aches& Joint Stiffness
  • Fatigue,unable to concentrate
  • Hormonal imbalance
  • Preature ageing& Poor healing
  • Poor Sleep quality
  • Poor Digestive health,Prone to diarrhoea&constipation

 Causes Of Enzyme Depletion In Our Body 

Poor / Imbalanced diet

Cooking and processing destroy enzymes present in food. Modern diet containing canned food, fast food and processed food do not contain enzymes. As a result, most people are lacking in enzymes, leading to health problems.

Contaminants & Additives

In order to react to additional contaminants in polluted air, water, additives and pesticide-contaminated food, enzyme use is sped up, which leads to enzyme exhaustion.


The human body makes its own internal enzymes, the amount of which is dependent on genes and age. Our body produces lesser enzymes as we age.


Stressful and hectic lifestyles deplete more enzymes without giving time for our bodies to regenerate worn out and damaged cells and tissues or to keep our body systems strong.


 Chronic Diseases

A person with compromised health conditions and taking excess antibiotics requires extra enzymes to fight against the illness in order to maintain healthy bodily functions.

 Causes Of Enzyme Depletion In Our Body  

Supports Digestion And Nutrient Absorption

Digestion is the foundation of health. Enzymes are the backbone of proper nutrition and digestion. The body’s ability to digest, absorb and utilize nutrients depends on the presence of enzymes.

All foods serve little functions in the body until they can be broken down into smaller molecules to be fully absorbed and utilized by the body.


Researchers found that many toxins derived from incomplete digestion of food, accumulates in the intestines and blood, causing poor circulation and burden other vital internal organs. Enzymes play a critical role to ensure that foods are digested completely.



Enzymes are responsible in the removal of old cells that may interrupt your body’s normal metabolic processes. It also helps in digestion of food to prevent undigested food from accumulating as toxins in our body. An optimum level of enzyme stores in the body will efficiently remove and counteract waste products and toxins.


Alkalinizes Body

An acidic body constitution may leads to a weakened immunity and health. It is important to maintain a slightly alkaline body pH for optimal health. Enzymes help to maintain acid/alkaline balance.

Reduces Risk Of Chronic Diseases

Enzymes help to strengthen our cells and enhance our body’s resistance against bacterial infections by eliminating the buildup of toxins that challenges our immune system. Hence, a person with low enzymes level may be more susceptible to degenerative diseases. A person with weak immunity or those suffering from chronic illnesses will also require more enzymes than a healthy individual to promote recovery.

Replenishes Energy

Enzymes help to relieve the burden of vital organs by aiding the breakdown and absorption of food that our body need to remain healthy and energized. By giving your body its maximum ability to absorb nutrients, this helps to elevate and increase one’s physical vitality and energy stores.


Clinically Proven Health Benefits of Eyoson Enzyme

Case study on the beneficial effect of Eyoson Enzyme on bowel movement, skin hydration level and total wellbeing

Study conducted on a group of 15 Chinese females, aged 20 to 49 years old who have constipation issues and dry skin.

Female subjects were asked to consume 30ml of Eyoson Enzyme, twice a day (after breakfast and dinner) for 8 weeks. The results showed significant improvement in bowel movement (better frequency and stool quality) after the consumption of Eyoson Enzyme. Better skin hydration and improvement in overall health was also observed. 




Product Description

Our supplements read like a recipe for good health. They're filled with organic fruits and veggies, and never any toxic additives. We use:

  • Organic Growing Practices                                                                   
  • Superfood Ingredients
  • International Advanced Equipment processing
  • Vegetarian Sources
  • Exclusive Formulas
  • Stringent Lab Testing



We can customized special shape of tablet according to customer.


Tablet shape: triangular, oval, round ...


TT: 500mg, 600mg, 700mg, 800mg (±50mg)


Packaging: plastic bottles, glass bottles, bags, cartons, iron box.


Eyoson focus on organic goodness accessible to everyone. It’s pure, plant-based nutrition to unlock your full potential.

  • No artificial colors
  • No artificial flavors
  • No artificial sweeteners
  • No artificial vitamins
  • No GMOs
  • No toxic additives
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3. We provide customers with one-stop service, from the registered brand to product processing;

4. We directly sell the formula of high quality products, each production charge processing fees;

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