Jiamparts Engine Parts For Nissan fe6 Turbo

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Quick Details
Place of Origin:
Beijing, China
Brand Name:
Car Model:
Pulling,Tractor, Marine Turbo
Engine Code:
Engine QSK35 Turbocharger
OEM Standard Size
Product Familys:
Tubocharger, Turbo Charger, Supper Charger, Turbo, Turbo Kit
Turbo Model:
Part No.:
Shaft Material:
OEM Number:
Diesel Turbocharger
100% Dynamic Balancing
Compressor Wheel:
CNT Billet Wheel
Repair Kit:
Supply Ability
Supply Ability:
2000 Piece/Pieces per Week
Packaging & Delivery
Packaging Details
Jiamparts Packing or Netural Packing or OEM
As required
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Quantity(Pieces) 1 - 50 >50
Est. Time(days) 10 To be negotiated

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Jiamparts Tractor Parts HX35 HX40 HX80 HX82 HX83 HX60 HX55 HE851 For QSK 6BT Marine Engine Turbocharger

Turbo Model
4LGK,BHT3B,BHT3E,H1C,H1CM,H1E,H2C,H2D,H2E,HC3-1,HC3B,HC5A,HE200WG,HE211W,HE221W,HE300FG,HE341VE,HE351CW,HE351VE,HE351W,HE400VG,HE431V,HE431VTI,HE500VG;HE561VE,HE551M,HE551V,HE561VE,HE800FG,HE800FG;HE851;HX83,HE851,HT100,HT3B,HT4B,HT4C,HT60,HX25,HX25W,HX27W,HX30,HX30W,HX35,HX35G,HX35M,HX35W,HX40,HX40G,HX40W,HX50,HX52,HX55,HX55M,HX55W,HX55W,HX60,HX60W,HX80,HX80;HX80M,HX80M,HX82,HX82M,HX83,HX85,HY35W,ST50,T18A,T18A83,T18A88,T18A95,T18A98,T46,T46,TA3123,TA34,TA3406,TA3407,TA3408,TB3404,TBP444,WH1C,WH1E Turbocharger.

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QA:ISO9001:2008 QC:DMAIC

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OEM standard

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Turbocharger For Global Sales.

  • About Jiamparts
    • Jiamparts is an independent professional turbocharger and turbocharger spare parts manufacturer.
    • Integrity, change and enthusiasm are the values of Jiamparts.
    • Jiamparts'core competitiveness from Integrity, Quality and Focuses.
  • About QA QC
    • Our working groups have been providing our customers with high quality and competitive price products.
    • meanwhile, our products have passed ISO9001:2008 Certification.
    • ISO/TS 16949 in the authentication process.
    • The cycle DMAIC "Define->Measure->Analyze->Improve ->Control" is the way Jiamparts works.
  • About the Price
    • Jiamparts FOB pricing for only costs and very low profit.
    • Freight pricing ,jiamparts promise to send goods in lowest price from Beijing .Jiamparts cannot get any profit from freight.
    • Engine ModelTurbo ModelPart NoOem No
      Engine  QSKTAA19HX832837540;4040240 
      Engine  QSK35HX8328375394955653;6241-82-8200;6241-82-8400
      Engine  QSK19 700HPHX833599008;35990094956104
      Engine  QSK19HX833598757;3598758;40334954089265
      Engine  QSKTAA19HX833523393-2 
      Engine  QSKV60HX834040073;4040074;40400754090064
      Engine HX83HX83 OIL-COOLED 
      Engine  QSK50HX8340447734955473
      Engine  QSK60 2500HPHX8335954294025351
      Engine  QSK45HX834044827;4044828;40448294955461
      Engine  QSK38HX832837532;40432554956144
      Engine  QSK38HX832837531;40432534956143
      Engine  QSKTAA19-CEHX8340478824955933
      Engine  QSK38;Engine  QSKTAA19-CEHX832838541;40402414956137
      Engine  QSK60 2500HPHE800FG;HE851;HX833784746;4033443;5321612 
      Engine  QSK60 G5 2146HPHX833595842 
      Engine  QSK60 G5 2146HPHX833595841 
      Engine  QSK60 G5 2146HPHX8335958404025147
      Engine  QSK19 700HPHX834033009 
      Engine  QSKV60HX8340353974089730
      Engine  QSKV60HX834040807 
      Engine  QSKV60HX834036395 
      Engine  QSKV60HX834040806 
      Engine  QSKV60HX834089730 
      Engine  QSKV60HX834036396 
      Engine  QSKV60HX8335963244955689
      Engine  QSKV60 1800HPHX832843377;3596325 
      Engine  QSKV60HX834047298 
      Engine  QSKV60HX834955689 
      Engine  QSK60 G7 2213HPHX8335982454089402
      Engine  QSK60 G7 2213HPHX833598246 
      Engine  QSK60 G7 2213HPHX833598247 
      Engine  QSK60 G7 2213HPHX834089402 
      Engine  QSKTAA19HX8340402394089987
      Engine  Q45HX834045962;4045963;4045964 
      Engine  QSK45 2000HPHX833593277;3593278;35932793800991
      Engine  V16-170HX833593163;3593164;3593165;3593166;3593167 
      Engine  CW8L-170HX833593562;3593563;3593564 
      Engine  CW8L-170HX833593559;3593560;3593561 
      Engine  QSK78HX832843376 
      Engine  QSKV60 1800HPHX832843373;4040803;40408044089296
      Engine  QSK78HX834048345;40483464956063
      Engine  CW 8L-170HX832843479 
      Engine  QSK78HX832843371;4040810;4040811;40408124089708
      Engine  QSV91 2682HPHX832843372;4035942;4035943;4035944;40359454089580
      Engine  QSK60HX832843423;3594859;36948604025309
      Engine  CW V16-170HX832843422;3593992;3593993;3593994;35939954025242
      Engine  QSK19 800HPHX832841798;28434012881848
      Engine  CW 8L-170HX833593557;3593558 
      Engine  QSK19 800HPHX832881918 
      Engine  QSKV60HX832843368 
      Engine  QSKV60HX832843367;4035740;4035741 
      Engine  QSK60 2414HPHX832843369;3593903;35939044024975
      Engine  QSK60 2400-2700HPHX8328433604089936
      Engine  QSK60HX832834216;2834217;28433622881986
      Engine  QSKV60HX832843364 
      Engine  QSK19 805HPHX8340436244955430
      Engine  QSK38HX8340432524955514
      Engine  QSK38HX8340432544955513
      Engine  CW 8L-170HX833593556 
      Engine  QSK19 700HPHX8335990074089297
      Engine  QSK19 700HPHX833598756 
      Engine  QSK19 700HPHX832843378 
      Engine  QSK19HX832843370 
      Engine  QSK19 800HPHX832881848 
      Engine  QSK19 800HPHX832836058;2836059 
      Engine  QSK19 700HPHX832838542 
      Engine  QSK50 1600HPHX832837536;4041286;40416034956148
      Engine  QSK50HX832837524;40427894956141
      Engine  QSK45HX8337675144956142
      Engine  QSK45HX832837525 
      Engine  QSK35HX8340488182881769
      Engine  QSK35HX834046244 
      Engine  QSK60 2400-2700HPHX834038980 
      Engine  QSK60 2500HPHX8340359654089756
      Engine  QSK60 2500HPHX834035966;4035967 
      Engine  QSK60 2500HPHX833595430;3595431 
      Engine  QSK60 2400-2700HPHX834038981;4038982 
      Engine  QSK45HX834032789 
      Engine  QSK60 2500HPHX833592384;3592386;35923873800743
      Engine  QSK60 2500HPHX8335936463800994
      Engine  QSKV60HX833594659;35946604024915
      Engine  QSKV60HX833594661 
      Engine  QSK60 2500HPHX833593648 
      Engine  QSK60 G4HX833595843;3595844;3595845 
      Engine  QSK60G4HX833594858;35948604025309
      Engine  QSKV60 G3 GS3 2213-2360HPHX833597554;3597555;3597556 
      Engine  QSK60 2414HPHX833593643 
      Engine  QSK60 2500HPHX833593647 
      Engine  QSK60 G6 2414HPHX833592681;3592682;35926833800832
      Engine  QSK38HX832834255 
      Engine  QSK38;Engine  QSKTAA19-CEHX833777194;4033010 
  • Jiamparts can also provide Not only that.: Jiamparts is on independent corporation for developing and distributing all kinds of high quality turbocharger and spare parts, such as Shaft & wheel, Compressor wheel, Cartridge (CHRA), Repair kits, Thrust collar & spacer, Journal bearing,Thrust bearing, Piston ring, Compressor housing, Compressor housing, Bearing housing, Turbine housing, Turbine housing adapter, Back plate (seal plate, insert), Heat shield, Actuator, Oil deflector, V-band, Shaft nut, Gasket, Nozzle Ring and so on.

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