LED Mercury free sphygmomanometer

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Blood Pressure Monitor
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1.Foreign and domestic patents
2.Photoelectric combination
3.Green environmental protection
4.Mercury free

LED Bar Graph Sphygmomanometer


Auscultatory method of Korotkoff sound


Mercury free!!!



LED bar graph sphygmomanometer is a new generation mercury-free blood-pressure meter which is still made with Korotkoff Sound. It displays with LED digital tube, and LED bar graph as reference, completely solves the pollution and the harm of mercury. LED bar graph sphygmomanometer is an accurate measuring instrument for hospital, clinic and even house using. It is no pollution, easy for use, durable.

The LED bar graph sphygmomanometer conforms to the requirements of the European Directives based on the Law governing Medical Products (CE mark), and to the European Standard EN 1060, Part 1, on “Non-Invasive Blood Pressure Instruments – General Requirements ”and “Part 3 Additional Requirements for Electronic”

Blood Pressure Systems.“ Regular checks on the accuracy of the measurement system should be carried out in accordance with the valid directives of the individual countries governing this issue.



Used for the measurement of human blood pressure.



Measuring range:0~40kPa (0~300mmHg) Precision: ± 0.4kPa (± 3mmHg).

Display: LED digital tube, and LED bar graph as reference

Working Conditions:

Air temperature:10°C ~ 40°C;

Humidity:20%RH– 85%RH

Power:DC 4.5 V (3 pieces of LR6 batteries)

Electric shock resistance: type B





¨         USAGE

[Preparation] 1. Please rest 5~10min,keep calm and relaxed before measuring.

2. Please keep correct measurement of the sitting position, the left arm on the table to keep arm belt and the heart at the same height.

3. The digital display shows 0 and LED bar (-) locates on zero mark, .then it can be used under steady state. 4. Do not repeat measurement for long time. Intervals should not be less than 10 min or appropriate adjustments based on individual physical condition. [Method of replace the battery] 1. The device used 3 pcs of LR6 1.5V batteries.

2. Remove the battery cover at the bottom of the sphygmomanometer with your fingers.

3. Insert three LR06 into the battery box and make sure the positive and negative poles of the batteries are the same as the ones marked in the battery box.

4. Put the cover on again, then the batteries will be held in place.

5. If the brightness of the zero line decreases or flashed, Or in use process suddenly can not display. it means that the power of the batteries is low. Please replace them with three new ones.

Notes:Close the upper cover after use to save the battery durability. For the power supply, there is a route switch. When you open the upper cover over forty-five degree, the power is switched on automatically. If you close the upper cover less than forty-five degree, the power switches of automatically.



[Steps of measurement]
1. Press the cover hook to let the upper cover disconnect from the hook, and fully open the cover, so the sphygmomanometer will turn on automatically and the zero line will light up and digital display will shows 0.


2. Let the patient roll up his sleeve and the doctor wrap the cuff around the upper arm of the patient, which is suitable for put into the first finger. Place the stethoscope on the brachial artery (about 2 cm above the elbow). Keep the patient still during measurement and make sure the stethoscope is at the heart level.


3. Close the exhaust valve and pressurize the cuff by squeezing the rubber bulb to make the light beam move inflate the cuff to about 30 mmHg higher than the sound of the arterial pulse, then slowly unscrew the nut to 2~3 mmHg / sec constant rate of decompression. In the course of deflation, observe the display and when you hear the first sound of arterial pulse, read the systolic pressure. Latter the sound will slowly get louder, and then get lower. In this period you can get the diastolic pressure.


4. The value of blood pressure measurements in digital display correctly, LED Bar Display for reference only.


5. The digital display can show the unit in “mmHg” or “kPa”. Press the mmHg/kPa exchange switch, the digit will be changed from mmHg to kPa. The two indicators under the digital display are on behalf of unit “mmHg” and “kPa”. Such as selecting “mmHg” unit, the corresponding indicator will light up..


6. Please replace the cuff, rubber bulb and tube after using

7. Close the upper cover, and the power will turn off automatically.



1. Please keep the pressure 299mmHg below. * Otherwise, the arm may be congestion, numbness and other symptoms.

  2.Babies and people can not express thought do not use. * It may make an accident or dispute.

3. Self-judgment and self-medication are very dangerous. Please follow doctor's orders. * Self-judgment may make conditions worse.

4. This product is used only for blood pressure measurement. * Other purpose may make accident.

5. Do use special arm band, rubber with the device. * Otherwise, they may not be properly measured. 

6.No modification of this equipment is allowed.

* Operator not permission cannot open the device .

7. Do not use the sharp things to mangle the bulb;

8. Do not put the device in the direct-sunlight, humidity, dusty and full with corrosive gas environment;

9. Do prevent the collision. Do put the ball and the valve on the highest position at the box to prevent crush the ball when close the cover.

10. Almost no electromagnetic interference in the use, to prevent the device as potential sources of interference, it should be free from interference with other devices


Storage and transport conditions

a. Ambient temperature range:-40°C~+70°C;

b. Humidity Range:5%HR~ 95%HR;

c. Atmospheric pressure: 500hPa~1060hPa.


Operating conditions

a. Ambient temperature range:+5°C~+ 40 °C;

b. Relative humidity:  15%HR~90%HR;

c. Atmospheric pressure: 700hPa~1060hPa;







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