Long service time short construction cycle grain silo prices

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$1,300.00 - $40,000.00 / Sets | 1 Set/Sets (Min. Order)
51 CBM
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Quick Details
Place of Origin:
Jiangsu, China (Mainland)
Brand Name:
8 Ton
Long service time short construction cycle 1 tons grain silo prices
Silo Materials:
Hot Galvanized Steel
Assembly and screw
1 tons grain silo prices
Auxillary System:
Penumatic Conveyor System
The production process consists of:
coiling, plating, profiling, punching, curving and cutting, etc
Grian Storage Silo
Supply Ability
Supply Ability:
200 Set/Sets per Quarter small grain silos
Packaging & Delivery
Packaging Details
Packaging: Wooden box or Iron case or pallet, etc.
Shipping: FOB Shanghai, CNF, CIF clients port for Long service time short construction cycle 1 tons grain silo prices.
Product Description

Product Application

Yongli Steel Silo can manufacture corrugated plate in all kinds of specifications automatically with advanced
technology abroad. The production process consists of coiling, plating, profiling, punching, curving and cutting,
etc. And it can accomplish each process under the control of computer. The corrugated plate is not only in
beautiful appearance, but also of high accuracy, universal matching, high strength, easy installation, small gap
after assembling and good tightness.
We can produce all kinds of assembly silo with the advanced technology and rich installing experience. The
diameter of the silo is from 3.65m to 32m with the maximum capacity of 15000 tons. Different kinds of silos
constructed by us have been covered all over our country, meanwhile they are exported to the countries and
regions like Venezuela,Peru,Indonesia, Philippine, Sri Lanka, Bengal, Vietnam, North Korea, Sudan and Iran, etc.
Ф3.3 series (Ф3361mm)

Yongli Assembly Silo-----Exported to Overseas Market


High Accuracy
International advanced processing equipment and technology have been introduced to ensure the processing

High Automation
Steel silo makes high efficiency and labor-saving possible with its high mechanization and automation.

Wide Manufacturing Range
Wide range of manufacturing (with the capacity of 15000 tons for each silo) can meet the requirements of
different clients with complete accessories and functions.

Easy Maintenance
The standardized, serialized and generalized galvanized steel sheet and the accessories have been used to
achieve the convenient maintenance, capacity increasing or moving.

Low Investment
Compared with reinforced concrete silo, the total cost will be 30%-50% lower than that, which can largely reduce
the cost.

Assembly Silo

Yongli Screw Silo-----Alternative solution for modern stora

As a leading manufacturer of steel silo project, YONGLI is particularly focused on the quality of the silo! We are continuous researching and developing new technology to improve production technology and manufacturing level.


High Strength
Constructed by vertical reinforced rebar and screw undercut in horizontal, it enhances the intensity of the silo body with a strong ability to resist the wind, shock and snow load stress.

Reliable Sealing
Connected by screw undercut, which is five times thicker than the silo body. With its reliable sealing, it is available for fumigation and deinsectization.

Short Construction Cycle
It just takes five or six days to build a steel silo with the capacity of 1000t. It can also put into use soon and benefit the users.

Beautiful Appearance
The top of silo appears to be in cone shape, which can resist dust and water. The body is of smooth line and shape.

Long Service Time
The body adopts hot galvanizing plate rolling, and the top of the silo adopts zincincation to prevent corrosion and enable the long service time.

Screw Silo

Production Process

Yongli as a famous factory who is major in feed machine and a state-level high-tech enterprises, and our every
step development is closely follow the world’s advance technical trend,. We has developed a series of high-tech
excellent products in elevateing ,conveying, dust, drying equipment to achieve the advanced and reliable system
for all instore and outstore material which based on powerful technology and economic to make the storage of
materials more scientific, reasonable, and ensure the storage quality effectively.

Technical Project

< Long period storage of materials >
Caused for silo is made of steel, and for its thin wall is less than thermal capacity , so the thermal conduction and
storage are affected by environment.Generally say the storage period of materials are not more than 2 months,
this also limits the long period of steel silo to store material In view of these above problems, adopt insulation
combined with refrigeration way which is use of the thermal conductivity of materials (rock wool) covered on
outer-ring of steel silo and using refrigeration equipment to inlet cold air blast to silo. This method generates
results basically comparable with the concrete silo , but the cost is effective than traditional one with long storage
time.Thermal storage project is mainly used in grain depot, farm, seed processing plants, food processing
enterprises, the clients ,who use this thermal insulation technology are effectively to control the effect caused by
the changes for the external temperature both in silo and gain temperature, delay the storehouse of grain quality,
thermal insulation effect is remarkable, in favor of steel silos and storage grain safety, greatly promoted the
development of low temperature grain storage.
< Soybean storage >
Soybean is a byproduct of soybean in the extraction of soybean oil,Because of its irregular fragmental, and its
moisture content is usually slightly higher than other materials, so it is poor in fluidity and easy to arch (part easy
to become to gelosis and obstruct flow? So we generally uses the storehouse of soybean meal, but the clearance
work is intensity, and don’t conform to the scientific development of the productive forces. Soybean meal in the
steel silo of arch and blockage problem has been plagued by domestic and foreign designers and users, although
has taken many measures, but the effect is not ideal. 

Conventional storage of rice:

Principle of keeping rice is "dry, low temperature, closed". Inatani Hide generally widely used conventional storage
method, also can use "double low" storage or "three low" storage method. We need to use ventilation storage or
low temperature storage method before don't fully dry , in which rice conventional storage includes the following
six major measures.

1.To control the moisture of grain
Strictly control the storage of paddy moisture, make it accord with safe water standards, safety standards of rice
grain moisture changes with species, seasonal and climatic conditions. And in order to maintain germination rate
for the seeds, the moisture which during the summer should also be lower than the safety standard one percent.

2.Clear impurities of rice.
The former requires wind , sieving or mechanical impurity, to reduced the impurity content to improve the storage
stability of rice. Usually the impurity content of rice decreased to below 0.5%, it can improve the storage stability
of rice.

3.Rice grading storage
Storage of rice need hierarchical storage, namely according to the varieties, good times, new Chen, wet and dry,
no insect insect stacked separately, classified storage.

4.Rice ventilation cooling
Rice after storage, especially the early, mid-season , it is easy to cause feve casued by high grain temperature,
vigorous physical activity, and difficult to distribute inner heat to leading to heap table surface condensation,
mildew, bud, and casue the lossing. Therefore, the rice storage time after cooling and ventilation, to prevent
condensation. In SEP - Oct, Nov-Dec and Jan- Feb take advantage of the night cold air and mechanical ventilation,
will make the grain temperature from 33 to 35 degrees Celsius, at last below to 10 degrees celsius.

5.Prevention and control of rice insect pests
After storage, especially the early, mid-season ,It is easy to infect grain pests. Therefore, It need to take effective
measures of comprehensive control of pests after the store. Usually using protective agent or fumigants to control.

6.Closed grain
We need to adopt effective measures to cove the surface of the grain and keep the storage airtight while the lowest
temperature in late winter and early spring before the rising in temperature ,inorder to keep the grain heap at low
temperature (15 degrees Celsius) or quasi low temperature (20 degrees Celsius)e. Methods: a full closed bulk grain
storehouse, plastic film cover closed.
After at last 10 years engineering practice from yongli's steel silos , which according to the needs of materials storage cycle , had developed a series of rice materials such as storage, actived in exploration and research in the material circulation and storage fields , who can provide a comprehensive project for various of materials , planning of the construction and management of training, we are willing to work with all customers to share experience and promote the development of the industry in order to enjoy a great future.

       A.12000T Silo for soya in 2005

     B.200000T Silo for corn in 2007

    C.60000T Silo for wheat in 2008

  D.25000T Silo for rapeseed in 2009

       E.12000T Silo for rice in 2010

F.15000T Silo for corn in 2010

G. 32000T Silo for soya in 2010

H. 8000T Silo for rice in 2011

I.40000T Silo for corn in 2012

J. 10000T Silo for wheat in 2012

Our Company
Our Service

1.Make optimal design and layout according to clients raw material and capacity request.

2.Make booking for shipment from YONGLI factory to clients factory.

3.Provide installation and debugging for clients.

4.Provide free training on-site for clients.

5.Provide English manual for whole line machines to clients.

6.Quarterly return visit to clients.

Packing & Delivery
Wooden Case or Iron case or pallet, etc
Delivery time
20-40 days

Packaging Details
Packaging: Wooden box or Iron case or pallet, etc.

Shipping: FOB Shanghai, CNF, CIF clients port.

1.Q: How can I trust on your quality?
1). All of the machine be tested successfully in Yongli workshop before shipment.
2). The working lifespan of Yongli machines is at least 20 working years.
3). Yongli wins 21 national patents for machines by our senior R&D engineers.
2. Q: What is your superiority comparing with other suppliers?
1). Yongli can make optimal design based on your kinds of raw materials.
2). Yongli has overseas service center in USA, Germany, Italy, Malaysia, Tunisa etc, which can provide you spare parts very fast and on-site service quickly.
3). Yongli R&D ability is very strong, it can develop 8-10 new technology every year.
4). It has at least 90% traders and distributors place order for Yongli every year.

3. Q: Does your company provide Engineers Abroad Service?
Answer: Sure, we provide it. And we can provide free training for on-site workers.
4. Q: How to train our staff about operation and maintenance?
Answer : We will provide every detailed technical instructive, pictures, videos to teach them for the operation and maintenance. In addition, our engineers for guide assembly will teach your staff on site.
5. Q:What shipment terms you offer?
Answer: We can offer FOB, CIF, CFR etc based on your request.
6. Q:What payment terms you take?
Answer: T/T, LC at sight etc.
7. Where is your factory located? How can I visit there?
Answer: Our factory is located in Li yang City, Jiangsu Province, China, it is nearby Shanghai. You can fly to Shanghai airport or Nanjing Airport directly. We can ask our driver to pick you up at the airport or train station etc.

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