Mouse and keyboard CH376S usb SD card module supports parallel serial SPI interface

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CH376S keyboard module
keyboard module
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Connecticut, United States
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50000 Piece/Pieces per Week
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Mouse and keyboard CH376S usb SD card module supports parallel serial SPI interface

evaluation board is the main device in the U1 CH376S chip, but some of figure signal was named for CH375 or CH374.

12 MHZ crystal X1 as standard, USB host than USB device requires a higher degree of precision of frequency, the X1 error requirement of less than 0.4 ‰, ordinary 12 MHZ crystal can basically meet the requirements. It is strongly recommended that shorten the related to the length of the lead, in order to reduce interference.

Capacitor C4 for decoupling internal power source node to reduce the EMI of USB transmission, capacity of 4700 to 0.1 uF, pf can choose ordinary 103 patch 0.01 uF capacitance.

P4 is a USB port, can be used for both USB HOST HOST, can also be used for USB DEVICE equipment, resistor R1 used to limit the output current to external USB DEVICE, avoid when just inserted U disk, USB equipment cause the loss of power supply voltage of the short time, and even cause CH376 or microcontroller abnormal reset or internal RAM data error. If it is a USB drive, you should to replace resistor R1 with dc resistance smaller inductance, or alternatively use a set of 5 v power supply directly provide greater working current (more than 500 ma) for external hard drive. In addition, the USB HOST socket of the power supply decoupling capacitors C9 capacity is too small, capacity is big, should be greater than 100 mu F) can reduce the USB device just insert the power supply voltage fluctuations.

P5 is SD card socket, can contact with standard size SD card, other specifications of the SD card can be converted into a need to add. Resistance R3 used to limit the output to external SD card of current, while just insert SD card to avoid power supply voltage drop of a short time.

P1 is a sign of 8 bits parallel ports, used to connect to MCU parallel port, parallel port of the necessary signals including D0 - D7, A0, RD#, WR#, CS# and GND, and INT# is optional.

P2 is the SPI serial port signal, used to connect to MCU SPI interface, the necessary signals including SCS, SCK SPI, SDI, SDO and GND, and INT# is optional.

P3 is asynchronous serial port signal, used to connect to MCU asynchronous serial port, asynchronous serial port needed signal including RXD, TXD and GND, and INT# is optional. P3 provides the SD card at the same time write protect SDWP and plug state SDINSERT signal lines.

The P1, P2, P3 and communication port, can also provide this evaluation board with 5 v power supply from outside, and provide to RSTI pin CH376 optional hardware reset signal, if the actual product have mu P monitoring circuit in the circuit, then you should provide the same reset signal CH376 and single chip microcomputer. Note, should try to shorten the length of the line between this evaluation board with single chip microcomputer, the longest must not exceed 20 cm, otherwise you need to use a signal to a ground between dedicated line.

J3 is used to select CH376 chips working voltage, short after 1 to 2 feet for 5 V voltage, short after 2 to 3 feet when voltage of 3.3 V. Defaults to 5 V voltage, when the working voltage of the single chip microcomputer is equal to or less than 3.3 V, can choose to CH376 3.3 V voltage. When the working voltage of 5 V CH376 chips, J2 must disconnect, when the working voltage of 3.3 V CH376 chip, J2 must be short.

J1, J5 and J6 used in electric or hardware reset after select CH376 with single chip microcomputer communication interface:

If the J1 nipple, J5 disconnect, J6 disconnect, so is the 8-bit parallel;

If the J1 disconnect, J5 short sub, J6 is short, so is the SPI interface;

If the J1 disconnect, J5 disconnect, J6 disconnect, then is asynchronous serial port.

Some example applications may use single chip microcomputer serial port debug output state information, if need to display the monitoring information, can be controlled by the serial port after RS232 level switch connected to the computer using a serial port monitor/debugging tool software view. If use CH375 evaluation board, J2 can be connected to the computer serial port; If the computer without a serial port or serial port has been occupied by other devices, so can provide the simulation from the USB to serial interface chip CH341 serial port.

CH375 evaluation board inside device in 5 V power supply voltage, the resistance must be combined with R0 and remove 3.3 V voltage regulator D4, when work at 3.3 V power supply voltage, must add stabilizer R0 D4 and remove the resistance. Default is 5 v power supply.


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