New Zealand Manuka Honey 15+ activity

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NZ $20-50 / Unit | 1.5 Ton/Tons (Min. Order)
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New Zealand
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Mason Jar
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250g, 500g or 1 kg jars
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6 - 8 weeks
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 We produce and sell our honey packaged in  250g, 500g or 1 kg jars. Our honey can be labeled with custom branding.


What makes Manuka honey so special?


For many centuries the native New Zealand Manuka tree (Leptospermum scoparium) was recognised by the indigenous population of New Zealand for its medicinal properties. Honey produced with nectar from New Zealand Manuka tree has unique ‘non-peroxide’ activity which results in superior effectiveness as a medicinal treatment.


Whilst the ‘regular’ honey breaks down its hydrogen peroxide component into oxygen and water when consumed by the human body, therefore destroying its antibacterial properties. The Manuka honey has another unique antibacterial component i.e. Methylglyoxal (MGO) which remains intact. This healthy MGO compound is not present in any other honeys apart from New Zealand Manuka honey, which is why Manuka honey provides stronger antibacterial action on a wound compared to any other honeys. The higher concentration of (MGO) in Manuka honey the deeper the antibacterial activity will reach in order to clear infection.


Manuka honey activity


The presence of the special activity of Manuka honey is detected by scientific lab. The higher the concentration of the MGO compound in Manuka honey, the higher the non-peroxide agent will be in the honey.

The scale of non-peroxide activity (NPA) was created by comparing the antibacterial activity of honey with phenol solution; therefore, Manuka honey with NPA 5 (MGO level 83 mg/kg) has the same antibacterial properties as a 5% phenol solution.


Methylglyoxal Level

Non-peroxide activity (NPA) phenol equivalent

≥83 mg/kg     


≥263 mg/kg   


≥514 mg/kg      


≥573 mg/kg     


≥696 mg/kg     


≥829 mg/kg     


≥1200 mg/kg   


≥1449 mg/kg   



Authentic Manuka honey

How can you be sure that you are buying genuine active Manuka honey and that you will get what is claimed on the label? Look for the MGO level on the label, as this is the main marker of "non-peroxide" activity present only in genuine New Zealand Manuka honey. Buying Braguta’s Queens Manuka honey, you can be 100% sure you buy the genuine Manuka honey as all of our honeys are tested by independent scientific laboratory for methylglyoxal (MGO) and dihydroxyacetone concentration.

Company Information

Here at Braguta's Queens we are 100% dedicated to sustainable beekeeping and the production of high quality active Manuka honey.


We started our business in 2006 as a one-man operated apiary that has rapidly grown into a full cycle versatile honey production business employing 7 dedicated professionals and billions of our honey bees in over 2000 hives around central North island of New Zealand.


Being in industry for most of his life, general manager and the founding father of Braguta’s Queens Mr. Aurel Braguta, applied his versatile beekeeper experience gained in Europe and North America to ensure his business follows the highest standards of honey production which results in wonderful natural flavours of our Manuka honey. From the harvesting to the extracting and packaging of the honey we comply with the strict regulations set by New Zealand Ministry of Primary Industries and our own quality control.


Taste our healthy Manuka honey – the purest taste of New Zealand.