Okay energy OH series portable cost saving hho hydrogen gas generators for wide application

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Okay Energy
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Okay energy OH series portable cost saving hho hydrogen gas generators

What is oxy-hydrogen generator:

Oxy-hydrogen generator/hydroxide generator can set fire to water by electrolyze water into hydrogen gas and oxygen gas. We can use H2 and O2 as the fuel of flame replacing LPG, propane, acetylene fuel, natural gas or others.

HHO generator can be applied in any industry that needs fire such as welding, cutting, polishing, brazing, glass processing and jewelry processing. When Oxy hydrogen gas mixed with coal or diesel, it can build up traditional fire energy to improve efficiency & lower cost.




Advantages for oxy-hydrogen welding

1. Safe & Convenient:

 Oxy hydrogen generator can produce gas automatically without gas cylinder. Just need pure water & electricity as fuel. No worry for cylinder explodes.

The machine will turn on or off automatically by detecting the gas pressure. The gas output volume is adjustable. Easy to operate.

2. Cost saving:

Oxy hydrogen Generator saves 60% cost compared to acetylene. Saves 40% compared to propane.

3. Welding quickly

The oxy-hydrogen flame calorific value reaches 34000Kcal/kg, and temperature high up to 2800 degree. It can make the welding spot reaches melting point in 1 second.

4. Welding precisely:

The flame is concentrated, it can achieve welding precisely.

5. Clean flame without carbide:

Oxy-hydrogen flame combustion doesn't form any carbide, so there is no black spot after welding. And it will not influent the rigidity & flexibility of workpiece.

6. Environment friendly:

Oxy-hydrogen generator just needs pure water & electricity as fuel. And it will just generate steam in the end. Do no harm to environment. 





1. Welding


(1) Jewelry Industry:


a. For welding kinds of chain and string which are made of platinum, gold, silver, copper, stainless steel, etc.


b. For mending tiny sand holes on jewelry casting.


c. For jewelry repairing (reforming, casting, welding).


(2) Electronic Industry:


For welding enameled wire, computer wire peeling, LED wafer, flame-treating circuit board, thermocouple and platinum resistor leading wires.


(3) Medical Industry:


For denture welding.


For welding metal fittings and mending sand holes in dentistry.


No-carbon flame disinfection and glass seal.


(4) Laboratory:For Welding in laboratory, providing convenient, safe and clean oxy-hydrogen flame.


(5) Others: Instrument welding, Air-condition copper pipe welding, automobile exhaust pipe welding, Fishhook welding, Storage battery tinplate welding, lighting hardware welding, etc. 


3. Heating and sealing


(1) metal and nonmetal heating


(2) glass tube sealing,quartz glass tube sealing 


(3) ampoule bottles sealing 


(4) water injection drawing sealing


(5) mould repair, quenching, crucible heating melting metal


(6) solar wafer processing, IC packaging.


4. Polishing: Organic glass/Acrylic Polish


5. Others:For Welding or Heat treating small metal parts, Iron Cutting, Catalytic combustion of other fuels, Engine carbon cleaning for automobiles.




OKAY Energy Oxyhydrogen Gas Geneation Advantages:

          Units/ Comparison

Okay Energy Oxyhydrogen Generator

Other companies

Power Supply

IGBT frequency conversion technology is higher efficiency to turn exchange current to direct current.

Silicon controlled rectifier technology is lower efficiency to turn exchange current to direct current.

Electrolytic Cell

1. Integrated & completely sealed for electrolysis tank. No risk of gas, liquid or electricity leakage.

2. Self-recycle electrolysis system, clean the tank automatically and improve the service life 50% above.

3. Special activity alloy treatment for electrolysis polar plate. High gas output efficiency without overpotential & electric leakage.

1. Joint pieces together with screw for electrolytic tank. Have risks of gas, liquid or electricity leakage.

2. Without self-recycle system,easily to get dirty & short service life.

3. Achieve the gas-liquid flow simply by drilling a hole on electrolysis polar plate. Easily to leak electricity & cause erosion. Low gas generate efficiency.

Anti-backfire system

Own patent: Detect the anti-backfire tube water level automatically. Add water automatically when the water level too low & pressure water back in storage tank when too high.

Add water by manual when the anti-backfire system detects water shortage. And when gas cold down, water may flow back to system and cause water spray. Dangerous & not convenient.

Water & gas separation system

Centrifugal separation system, 100% separate water & gas, keep flame in blue color & high efficiency.

Simply gravity principle system. Gas & water are not separated completely; Flame may turn to red color with lower temperature & efficiency. Even stock the nozzle.

Pipeline system

Use seamless stainless material for all of the inner gas or liquid pipe, definitely without any rubber tube. Avoid the risk of gas or liquid leakage. Safe.

Almost every company use PU tube more or less to cut the cost. It may lead to gas or liquid leakage after long time use or when backfire occur. Dangerous.

Heat dissipation system

Unique designed dissipation system with enough fans &space for heat dissipation. Can work for 24 hours in 40 degrees in summer.

General system


























































OKAY Energy is the largest supplier of researching and producing oxyhydrogen generator for more than 15 years in China. Oxy-hydrogen generator can set fire to water by electrolyze water into hydrogen gas and oxygen gas. It is used widely in welding, cutting, polishing, brazing, glass processing, combustion support, etc.