Portable Mobile APP Automotive battery Analyzer

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$45.14 - $62.06 / Pieces | 30 Piece/Pieces (Min. Order)
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Quick Details
Battery Tester
DC 12v
DC 12v
CE & RoHs
Applicable Models:
All models of car battery
Place of Origin:
Taiwan, China
Brand Name:
Ace Pinnacle
Model Number:
12 Months
Model no.:
Net weight:
230 g
Clip length:
88 mm
Top diameter:
71 mm
Bottom diameter:
80 mm
156 mm
Max clip angle when spread:
35 degree
Cable length:
200 mm
Clip width:
55 mm
DATA storage:
30 results
Supply Ability
Supply Ability:
10000 Piece/Pieces per Month
Packaging & Delivery
Packaging Details
1 pc / 1 Color box, Gross weight : 340 g , Dimension : 20 x 10.5 x 9 cm
5 pcs / 1 inner box, Gross weight : 1.78 kg , Dimension : 46 x 21 x 12 cm
4 inner boxes / 1 carton, Gross weight : 8.3 kg , Dimension : 48 x 44 x 26 cm
any port of Taiwan
Video Description
Product Description

Product Application

1. The first automotive battery analyzer in the world with a smartphone App. 

2. Translucent shell subverts the traditional design, its sleek look reflects modern technology. 

3. “Pulsed discharge” used to accurately analyze batteries. Detects accurately : 

     (A) Battery Cranking Power 

     (B) Charging Status 

     (C) Voltage 

     (D) Resistance 

     (E) Cold Cranking Ampere (CCA) (or EN or JIS). 

4. Reverse polarity protection. 

5. Download the App to see User Manual, no need to print and save the paper - reduces  

    environmental impact. 

Main Features

 Patented EMP technology. Alternating signals used to accurately analyze batteries.
 Suitable for 12V automotive batteries such as AGM style, flooded lead acid…
 APP available on both IOS and Android systems.
 Multi-language UI, new languages can be added.
 Saves up to 30 test results. Share one or all results with clients and friends via email, other       

   messenger apps, and/or social sites.
 Reverse polarity protection.
 Safe and reliable. No damage on battery when multiple tests are performed.

Detailed Images

APP instruction

How to download APP : 

Search "AB Analyzer" in ios APP store or Google play

Test result explanation

Cold cranking power

Charging status

Testing results and comparison

Why choose us
FAQ & Partners
Q1: What kind of technology does the AB Analyzer use and what does it measure? 
A: The AB Analyzer uses the "pulse discharge method" technique. When the "start test key" is  
     pressed, the AB Analyzer releases a large current pulse to obtain the battery’s internal     
     resistance data, and analyzes this along with the user input "CCA value" (or EN or JIS value). 
     After comparison operations, the following test results are obtained: 1. Battery startup 
     capability (% of battery life left) 2. Battery charge status 3. Voltage 4. Internal resistance 5. The 
     actual CCA value of the battery ※ At present, the "M" brand made in the United States uses 
     the "signal injection method". The method is different, but the results are the same. 

Q2: Some people say that the price of the AB Analyzer is higher than that of similar products? 
A: If only low-priced products can be sold, then today's Apple iPhone would have long since 
     ceased to exist. The value of the AB Analyzer is as follows: 
   1. The shell adopts a translucent design that subverts tradition to change the image of 
        traditional automotive tools and is rich in technology and modernity. 
   2. Before purchase, consumers can download the App and watch the product introduction 
       video and user manual in the App. 
   3. 30 test results can be stored and one or all results can be sent via Email, Skype, WeChat, 
       WhatsApp, Line and other messenger apps or social sites. This functionality is not available 
       in most products of this type. 
   4. The AB Analyzer’s smartphone App interface is very user-friendly, with simple and clear 
       instructions, so that users can easily operate and understand the battery status. 
   5. To reduce the use of paper, for environmental protection reasons, we no longer print the 
       “user manual” on paper, and users can read it on their mobile phone at any time. 
   6. There are currently eight operating languages to choose from, and new languages can be 
       added at any time depending on customer needs. 

Q3: What certifications for Bluetooth and electronic product safety does the AB Analyzer       
       possess ? 
A: Most commercially available products have not finished all safety certifications. The AB 
     Analyzer's certifications and patents are as follows: 
   1. CE certification (common to Europe) 
   2. FCC certification (common to North America) 
   3. BQB (Bluetooth Qualification Board) certification is universal, and electronic products with 
       Bluetooth must have certification 
   4. Patents: Taiwan and China 
Awards wining
Packing & Delivery

1 pc / 1 Color box, Gross weight : 340 g , Dimension : 20 x 10.5 x 9 cm
5 pcs / 1 inner box, Gross weight : 1.78 kg , Dimension : 46 x 21 x 12 cm
4 inner boxes / 1 carton, Gross weight : 8.3 kg , Dimension : 48 x 44 x 26 cm