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New York, United States
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Prabhuji's Gifts, Prabhuji's Gifts
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Beaded Necklaces, Pendant Necklaces
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Wood, Wood
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Gift, Religious, Spiritual, Prayer, Gift
Unisex, Unisex
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Port of New York

These round sandalwood beads have a gentle feel and are hand carved from the outer layer of a sacred tree that grows in southern India. The beads are offered in a transparent encasement that keeps its spiritual energy protected. The corresponding mantra as well as the significance of the mala are provided on an attractive insert.

Corresponding Mantra:Om Gam Ganapataye Namah.

Corresponding Deity:Lord Ganesh, the remover of obstacles who is also called “Ganapataye.”

Intention: Meditation, to remove obstacles.

Key features:

  • 100% natural
  • Handmade
  • Kept sealed for energetic protection
  • Supports artisans in India.


This 100% natural, handmade mala is sought for its capability to carry certain energies and as an item on which a spiritual practice called “japa” is done. Sandalwood is an aromatic wood that many find appealing to wear as spiritual jewelry. This mala is knotted, providing a space between the beads to allow one to be held at a time for the spiritual practice of japa.

Name explanation: Sandalwood is the name of the aromatic wood that comes from a sacred tree in southern India.

Why customers love it: In addition to each mala being carefully handmade by artisans in India, where the spiritual practice of these prayer beads originated, we explain the importance of keeping their sacred energy pure. No one else should touch the beads. As it is highly important to keep your mala away from external energy, we have designed an attractive encasement, available only at Prabhuji's Gifts, in order to keep the beads' energy sealed and completely protected from unwanted energy.

Collection: Prayer Mala Beads

Collection Description: The mala is a sacred string of prayer beads blessed with mantras that spiritual aspirants use in a practice called “japa.” Each mala has the auspicious number of 108 beads plus the untouched sumeru bead, which are made from natural materials capable of carrying energetic vibrations. Traditionally, the spiritual master blesses the mala with mantras and transfers divine energy to a disciple upon giving it.

Packaging: Our prayer beads come in transparent cases, a design found only at Prabhuji's Gifts to protect and seal their spiritual energy while allowing the beads and their unique textures to be seen. Each encasement is decorated with unique Indian art depicting the Divine form to which the mala is connected, and comes with information on the beads and their ideal mantra. The corresponding mantra is provided in an attractive insert.


  • Gold-level Green America Certified Business
  • Better Business Bureau (BBB) Accredited Business: rating A+

Sustainability: 100% natural

Charitable Cause: Prabhuji’s Gifts supports Prabhuji Mission, a New York-based, nonprofit religious organization that is home to a spiritual community. The mission’s volunteers perform devotional service to others, a yogic spiritual practice, and the mission runs humanitarian projects including: Prabhuji Food Rescue Program, in which the organization feeds people in need in the USA, Dominican Republic, Colombia and India. By purchasing Prabhuji’s Gifts products, you help support these causes.


Handmade Sandalwood Beads, cotton string.

How to use: Sit cross-legged in a meditative place and starting with the bead next to the sumeru (the largest bead often with a tassel), holding it with your right thumb and middle finger. Do not touch the sumeru, the 109th bead. Gently roll the bead back and forth while saying the provided mantra, drawing your attention to the feel of the bead and the sound of the mantra. Do this on each of the 108 beads to complete a round. Do as many rounds as are desired or instructed.


SKU: 804-02
UPC: 8-09581-80402-7
Contains: 108 beads
LXWXH: 19.5”X0.25”X0.25”
Weight: 0.11 lb
Made in India
Return Policy: This product is fully refundable.

Company Information


Our Mission


Prabhuji’s Gifts is a manufacturer and wholesaler of aromatic and spiritual gifts. The company was inspired by Prabhuji’s message that aromas can facilitate inner purification, peace of mind, and spiritual elevation.

Our mission is:

To spread the power of fragrance
along with the beauty of spiritual wisdom
for the welfare of all
while upholding strict environmental
and socially conscious standards.




Gold-Level Green America Certified

Our rigorous environmental and social standards have earned Prabhuji’s Gifts Gold-Level Green America Certification. U.S.-based Green America certifies businesses that help to create a socially just and environmentally sustainable society. When you purchase our products, you are supporting social and environmental responsibility.

BBB Accredited Business

After rigorously checking our business practices and advertising material, the Better Business Bureau has awarded Prabhuji’s Gifts the highest-level rating: A+. The BBB is an organization that set its goal to develop “an ethical marketplace where buyers and sellers can trust each other.”

Certified Vegan—No Animal Testing

Our products are natural, non-toxic, not tested on animals and use no animal byproducts. We have started certifying our products with US-based Vegan Action, which promotes a cruelty-free lifestyle providing numerous benefits to animals’ lives, to the environment, and to people’s health through a healthy and natural diet. Find the distinctive logo on many of our labels.

Natural Ingredients

The ingredients of our aromatic products come from hand-harvested herbs and flowers. Numerous spices, essential oils, and natural resins are also hand harvested and blended into our fragrances according to ancient traditions. Prabhuji’s Gifts has signed a pledge to follow the Natural Ingredient Resource Center’s criteria for labeling natural ingredients and products, and we are holding ourselves accountable.
Our Management


Our Management

Meet the souls behind Prabhuji's Gifts

Prabhuji’s Gifts management is comprised of talented, dedicated,
and inspired, spiritual seekers who consider their contribution to Prabhuji’s Gifts as a humble offering of service to humanity and the Divine.

They work together in harmony to release into the world aromatic and
spiritual products, which are charged with love, positive vibrations,
and spiritual power.




Founder and Source of Inspiration
Writer, Poet, Philosopher, Master Yoga Acharya, and Mystic





Swami Durgananda
CEO, Finance and Product Development Manager,
Master Yoga Acharya, and Philosophy Teacher
Swami Ramananda
President and Charity Department Manager
Master Yoga Acharya, Kundalini Yogi, and Philosophy Teacher



Customer Relationship

Vedic Priest, Yoga Teacher,

and Kirtan Leader


Swami Yogananda
Development & International

Trade Manager
Ayurvedic Cook and

Yoga Teacher

Logistics and Production


Vedic Priest, Devotional Artist, 

and Yoga Teacher

Krishna Devi
Sales and Marketing

Devotional Artist and

Yoga Teacher