Professional magnetic waterproof long battery life quad band 850/900/1800/1900MHZ support 3g 4g sim card car gps tracker 4g

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US $50-80 / Unit | 1 Unit/Units Car gps tracker 4g (Min. Order)
Supply Ability:
1000 Unit/Units per Month Car gps tracker 4g
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Quick Details
Gps Tracker
Hand Held
Screen Size:
3G gps tracker
Place of Origin:
Guangdong, China (Mainland)
Brand Name:
VJOY car gps tracker 4g
Model Number:
TK10GSE car gps tracker 4g
12 Months
Product name:
Car gps tracker 4g
Frequency 2:
Internal battery:
Battery working time under gprs mode:
400 days
Drop sensor alert:
Strong magnet:
Vibration/Motion sensor:
GPS Tracking Software:
Packaging & Delivery
Packaging Details
Black GIft Box:17.5*10.5*6cm
Gross Weight:0.80KG/Unit;
Welcome to order VJOY CAR car gps tracker 4g
Delivery Time
3-5days for 100Units

Professional magnetic waterproof long battery life quad band 850/900/1800/1900MHZ support 3g 4g sim card car gps tracker 4g

Attendtion: Australia, Mexico, Canada, USA operator will stop of 2G service,therefore, if you are from these 3 countries,please kindly choose 3G products.


Product High Lights

1)Could work worldwide: HSDPA/UMTS/EDGE/GPRS/GSM; UMTS1900/850/2100/900 MHz; GSM850/900/1800/1900 MHz

2)Big rechargeable battery 10000mAh;

3)Powerful magnet,no need professional install,cost effective;

4)Low consumption and kinds of sleeping mode, power saved, long battery life;

5)Anti theft: built in motion sensor,it will send sms or call alert once detect motion;

6)Geo fence,it will send alert also once move out the pre-setted fence;

7)Easy gsm sms tracking with street name in sms text;

8)Free web based tracking platform supporting: no monthly or yearly subciption, FREE forever;

9)Support the third party free software,eg, gpsgate,traccer,gurtam,gps-server,gpswox,gps-trace;

10)Dismount sensor alert,to avoid it dropping from vehicles without notice;



Main Features


1)10000mAh Lithium battery;

2) Drop-alert sensor build-in;

3) IPX7 Water-proof;

4) Super Magnetic build-in;

5) Instant call alert or sms alert for anti-theft when detect the vehicle moved;


WCDMA GPS tracker supporting multiple modes of HSDPA/UMTS/EDGE/GPRS/GSM;

UMTS1900/850/2100/900 MHz; 

GSM850/900/1800/1900 MHz;

Built-in watchdog CPU to avoid system crash;

Built-in motion sensor to save power;

Size: 153*58*34 (mm)


Hardward Teach specification
Size: 153*58*45 (mm), Weight: 569g
Quad band; 850/900/1800/1900 MHz
Antennae: Internal, GPRS Class 12
Power:Rechargeable, 5000 mAh, Lithium-Polymer
Built-in Vibration/motion sensing
GPS: U-BLOX G7020-ST, 50 channel
Antennae: Internal
Position Accuracy: <5m
Sensitivity: Tracking: (R)C161 dB, Cold starts: (R)C148
dB, Hot starts: (R)C156 dB
Cold start:<27s, Warm Start: <5s, Hot Start: 1s
A-GPS: AssistNow Online and AssistNow Offline services!



Product Photo Gallery


Install Photo


SMS Commands List
APN Setting*apn*AXXX*BXXX*CXXX*This command sets the telecom Access Point Name. BXXX refers to user name, CXXX refers to password. eg,*apn*cmnet*
Master Setting*master*123456*+1XXXXXXXXXXXX*+1 refers to the country code. XXXXXXXXXXXX is the cellphone number. Please make sure country code is included, and 0 is not needed before cell phone number eg,*master*123456*+8613621925935*
Password Changing*password*654321*Original password is default as 123456. 654321 refers to new password.
Vibration Sensitivity Setting*sensitive*1-5*1 being the most sensitive, 5 the least. Default setting is 1.
Motion Alert*callalert*Call alert will call master number 2 times when motion is detected after 3 minutes non-movement.
*smsalert*SMS notification will sent to master number when motion is detected after 2 minutes non-movement.
*alertoff*End Call/SMS alert
Period Motion Alert On*continuousalert* 0-23*0-23*Device will enable motion alert function at appointed period of time
*periodlocateoff*End Period Motion Alert
LLC Query*locate*Latest information of latitude, longitude, date, time and ranking.
Address Query*locateaddress*Address information of current location.
Google Map Search*locatemap*Google Map link with current location.
Audio Monitoring*callin* (T12 don't have this function)Call the device to start listening within 30mins after the SMS is sent.
Call in
Audio Monitoring*callback* (T12 don't have this function)The device will call the master phone number and enabling the Maser Controller to listen when the call is accepted.
Call back
Real-time Tracking*routetrack*1-99*1-98 represents hours of accumulated data, 99 means always on. eg,*routetrack*1*
(routetrack,rsampling and rupload only upload data when device is moving.)
Sampling Interval*rsampling*1-999*1-999 represents seconds of data collecting interval, default as 10 seconds. eg,*rsampling*10*
(routetrack,rsampling and rupload only upload data when device is moving.)
Upload Interval*rupload*60-999*60-999 represents seconds of data uploading interval, default as 60 seconds, minimum rate should not be less than 60. *rupload*60*
(routetrack,rsampling and rupload only upload data when device is moving.)
Real-time Tracking Off*routetrackoff*End routetrack function.
Check Location*check*0-99*Track by hour. 0-99 represents hours of data upload interval, default as *check*0* eg, *check*1* (check and checkm upload data when device both stationary and moving.)
*checkm*10-99*Track by minute. 5-99 represents minutes of data upload interval eg,*checkm*10*
(check and checkm upload data when device both stationary and moving.)
*checkoff* / *check*0*End check function
Period Tracking*periodlocate*XXXXXXXX**XXXXXXXX*GPS location data will be uploaded to server at appointed periods, up to 3 time periods.
*periodlocateoff*End period tracking function.
Appointed Time Tracking*timinglocatemap*XXXX*XXXX**XXXX*Check map location at appointed time
*timinglocateoff*End appointed time tracking function
Upload Alert*uploadalert*on*All alerts will be uploaded to server
*uploadalert*off*End upload alert function
Online Control*onlineon*Enable online control function
*onlineoff*End online control function
Deep Sleep Setting*sleep*1-99*1-99 represents hours of deep sleep, *sleep*1*
Period Motion Sleep* sleepv*1-99*Period Motion Sleep. 1-99 represents hours of deep sleep period. eg, *sleepv*1*
Motion Sleep* sleepv*Motion Sleep function with motion alert.
Sleep Off*sleepoff*End Deep Sleep function.
Status query*status*Check system status
Multi Controller*multiquery*Enable multi controller function
*multiqueryoff*End multi controller function
Device Information*about*Software edition information and device’s serial number.



Fast Guide To Test Our Car GPS Tracker 4G

Step 1. Get a active SIM card with both GSM SMS and GPRS data service.

Make sure the SIM card can send SMS and have GPRS function;

Step 2. Insert the SIM card, and make sure install the over properly.
Because only when you install the cover, then the screw will be fit strongly and the device will have power supply.

Step 3. Check Installation.
Call the gps tracker SIM card, and see whether it's with signal. If it can ring, but won't pick up the phone, it means the SIM card is with signal, and you can go next.

Step 4. Set the APN.
It's very important. Eg, your APN is internet, and no login user and password, then you just need send :*APN*internet* (don't allow cap letter here!)(it will reply to you whenever the APN command is wrong or correct. However, only when you set the right APN, it can be combined with our web platform. Therefore, if you didn't get any reply, then please kindly check whether your SIM card is with active GPRS or GSM SMS service, or whether your sim card is fit well.

Step 5. Set the master number.
It's very important also. The right command is:*master*123456*+45XXXX*,eg, if you use your own mobile phone is 004511111111,thenthe master command will be: *master*123456*+4511111111*

Step 6. Login into web tracking platform.
After set the right apn and master number, then you can go to our web platform: input the master number and password to login in.

Please pay attention, default password is 123456, user start with country code 00.Eg,00451111111,not +4511111111 .At this step, if you set APN correctly,then you could see your gps device location now.

AT the same time, you can send *locateaddress* and your phone will receive the detailed address include street name.

If you still have questions during testing, please don’t doubt to contact with us, we are on skype for fast assistance always: vjoycar



Free Web Based GPS Tracking Platform



FAQ for Car GPS Tracker 4G

1) Can your car gps tracker 4g work in our country?

Answer: As long as your country has regular 2G GSM network. If you use 3G SIM card or 4G SIM card, before testing,make sure it has 2G GSM service.
2) When I send SMS to it,it don’t reply GPS location, only LBS location.
Answer: your gps tracker is indoor? Please make sure it’s outdoor. No heavy rain, then the signal is good.Still LBS location?Then, pls send *0000* to check its statas, or try to on the routetrack or cheakm function.
3) Under *sleepv*mode, does the gps and gsm module work still?
Answer: No. Both GSM and GPS don’t work. When you send sms or call the device, no answer at all. Only when the device detect motion, it will wake up and send you the location.
4) Under *sleep*3*,does the gps and gsm module work?
Answer: No. Both GSM and GPS don’t work. When you send sms or call the device, no answer at all. It only wake up after 3 hours later.
5) Can I wake it up if under deep sleeping mode eg: *sleepv* or *sleep*3*
Answer: No, it can’t wake up remotely. *sleepv* only wake up when it detect motion; *sleep*3* only wake up after 3 hours. Can’t wake the GPS trackers by sms remotely. However, if you press the “on” button for 10 times by hand to wake the device up.
6) When I set sleeping mode for my deivce, then power off the device, and power on again , can it remember the old setting?
Answer: Yes, it can. However, it will stay “ waking up” for 12 minutes because it treat you “power on/off” as motion. After 12 minutes, it will login into sleep mode again.
7) What does “ route track” command mean?
Answer: routetrack default setting is: collecting interval = 10seconds, and uploading interval=60seconds. IF you want to set the routetrack function detailed,please kindly use rsampling and rupload command.
8) What’s the difference between “routetrack” and “rsampling” / “rupload”
Answer: routetrack is a rough setting with collecting interval = 10seconds, and uploading interval=60seconds. However, rsampling is used to set the detailed collecting interval, and rupload is used to set the detailed upload interval.
9) T16 bike lamp looks bad because it will attractive the bike theft notice, we want it to be a faulty lamp always, Can I ?
Answer: yes,just press the “on/off” button for 3 times to turn off the light always.
10) Does your gps tracker has the identifies function for its insertedSIM card?
Answer: yes, when the SIM card is moved out, and insert a new SIM card, it will send a alert to the master controller number: mobile 000000000000000(device SN number) has changed to this phone number.
11) Hong long can the battery last?
Answer: pls kindly check our battery testing report here. All of our gps tracker are using the same battery, the only different is the capacity.
12) What’s the battery current of gps tracker?
Answer: when gps tracker is under standby mode, its current is 2-3mA;
When GPS is working, the current is 50-80mA;
When it’s uploading data, the current is 100-200mA.
13) Can I combine your gps tracker on our own web tracking platform?
Answer: yes, of course, if you need, pls kindly contact with us to ask for our hardware communication protocol.
14) What’s the format to transfer the default IP from your server to our server?
Answer: the format sample is as below:
If your server is:
Port: 2045
Then the command is:
Please pay attention: once you transfer the default server from ours to your own, it can’t be changed back again. It’s singe travel change.



Company Information

Extra: Detailed CE certification or test reports, please kindly contact with us directly.



Payment Terms

We accept payment by Visa Card,Master card,Alipay,Qiwi Wallet,Western Union and Bank Transfer T/T.



Shipping Terms

1. FREE shipping by singapore post mail service, and paid EMS/DHL/Fedex/TNT/Fedex supportd.

2. All orders can be shipped out within 1-3 working days normally. Once the order is shipped out, we will send a email to you include the track number and the package photos.

3. We will be responsible for all problems in China Customs to ensure all orders pass by China Customs successfully. However, all buyers are responsible for your local Customs, do assistance to make clearance, and pay for Custom taxes and duties if it happens.

4. Drop shipping are welcome always, so please just leave us the right contact number and address;


Package Details

Package including:car gps tracker 4g 1x,charge cable 1x,English user manual 1x

Single package Size: 19*12*5cm

Single gross weight: 0.9kg

Package type: Black gift box


Warranty Terms

1. All orders will be in good quality, package condition and will be strictly checked before shipment. We will try our best to avoid any unhappy problem from quality or package, therefore, please kindly let us know if you feel not satisfied when receive the orders.

2. All orders enjoy 12months quality warranty since shipment. We offer free repairmen always whether it’s with or without warranty period, but buyers need pay for the accessories cost and shipping cost.

3. Please kindly note that, because different display and/or computer monitor, the color will be a little aberration. Therefore, wish you would understand. If you are not happy with the orders, please feel free to let us know.


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