Smart Home System - Gateway Switch - IoT center

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Guangdong, China
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e series switch
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Control Way:
Smartphone direct control or Central Hub Control
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Supply Ability:
5000 Piece/Pieces per Month
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Paper Box
Yantian, Shenzhen


e-Series of Master Gateway Switches - Hub of IoT

Our e-series of smart home switches have three functions in one: Switching, WiFI gateway and control hub. Not only do they have built-in smart home intelligence, control slave switches and remote control centers, or read information from sensors, they also can be connected to cloud server via WiFi Internet router.



Fig. 1 Smart Home Systems Built around e-Series of Switches


Fig.1 shows our e-Series of switches as the centerpiece for our three different smart home systems: Smart Switching System, Smart Environment Control System, and Alarm System. Each system has various sensors and control terminals. We also have successfully integrated these systems into one fully functional Smart Home Platform.



Master Gateway Switches: Fig. 2 shows our e-series of Master Gateway switches. They are:

e112 Touch Screen Master Switch;

e340 European Style Master PIR Switch;

e370 American Style Master PIR Switch; and

e380 Ceiling Mount Master PIR Switch



Fig. 2 e-Series of Master Gateway Switches


These switches are empowered with three-functions-in-one: Switching, Control Hub, and WiFi Gateway. When working as standalone switch, they can be controlled either by front panel button or Smartphone Apps as an ordinary switch, such as PIR motion switch, timer switch, etc. When working as a master switch, they can act as a control hub with built-in intelligence driving many slave switches and/or connecting to sensors to form a smart home system and/or Alarm system


Sensors:  We have developed various sensors as shown in Fig. 3. These sensors are linked to the master switch and enable the master switch to see ,hear and feel environmental changes or event triggers. Based on pre-defined criterions, the built-in intelligence of the master switch can then make decisions to commands to the control terminals to control home appliances or send SMS alarm messages to the homeowners smart phones.


                                                                            Fig. 3 Sensors 


Control Terminals: We have developed different kinds of slave switches, plug-in, remote control center, smart adapter, etc. to be the control terminals. When receiving command from the master switch, they take actions accordingly.


Communication Protocols:

With built-in WiFi module and RF module, our master switches not only can connect to cloud server via WiFi but also can communicate with sensors and control terminals via RF.  Combination of WiFi and RF makes our smart systems both reliable and cost-effective.


Work Process of Our Smart Home Systems:

1. User sets up the master switch and complete internet configuration after downloading our iPuray App into his/her smartphone, and then add all the control terminals and sensors to the list of the master switch to establish smart home systems;

2. User uses smartphone App to set up the master switchs auto control tasks and decision making criterions, such as timer setting, temperature setting, etc.

3. Sensors keep detecting the surrounding environment changes, such as temperature, humidity, people movement, etc. and then transmit data to the master switches;

4. The master switch will analyze the data from the sensors, make decisions and send control commands to the control terminals to control home appliances or send SMS alarm messages to the users smart phones.



Application Scene Control Mode:

We have added application scene control modes to our smart home system, so users can enjoy our smart home system much more easily. As shown in Fig. 4, with only with one single press of application scene control mode button or icon, users can make all the home appliances or lights work according to preset settings.  The preset application scenes are “Return” scene, “Wake” scene, “Sleep“ scene, and “Leave” scene. For example, when “Return” scene button is pressed, all lights on, air conditioner on, Music on, etc. Users can easily set up or redefine the application scens.


Fig. 4 Application Scene Controls 








How to Install?

Installation is very simple. First, load Smart Home Control Software onto your smart phone or tablet. Then, attach the Smart Home Control Hub to internet router. Now, add smart switches to control your home lighting, security, HVAC and more. Please refer to the detailed installation guide of each product.




How to Order?

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