Tantalum capacitor 593D107X96R3C2TE3 VISHAY 100UF/6.3V 593D C 10%

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Tantalum Capacitor
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Surface Mount
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Product Description

CAP TANT 22UF 10V 10% 1206:

Use temperature range:-55 125 Shan (greater than 85 Shan reduction voltage use)

Capacity deviation: ± 20%, ± 10%, ± 5% (special order).

Capacity series: 0.1 μ F 330 μ F.

Leakage current (20 Shan) I0 ≤ 0.02CRUR or 1 μm (large).

Loss angle Tangent (20 Shan) See table 1

High and low temperature characteristics: See table 1

Climate Category: 55 /125 /10;

Life test: 1000 hours;

Kemet tantalum Capacitor T491 series

AVX tantalum Capacitor AVX series:

Capacity: 0.1 μ F 1500 μ F error: Kong ± 10%, = ± 20%

Voltage: 2.5V, 4V, 6.3V, 10V, 16V, 20V, 25V, 35V

Volume:  A (3.2 X 1.6-18) =1206  B (3.5x2.8- 21) C(6.0 X3.2- 38) D (7.3 X4.3-31) E (7.3 X4.3-43) P (2.0X1.2) =0805S

Packing:  A, B: 2000pcs/plate , C,D: 500pcs/plate,  E : 400pcs/plate , P: 2500pcs/plate

Kemet tantalum Capacitor T491 series(  A ):

T491A104K035AT 0.1UF/35V A T491A224K035AT 0.22UF/35V A

T491A334K035AT 0.33UF/35V A T491A474K035AT 0.47UF/35V A

T491A684K035AT 0.68UF/35V A T491A105K016AT 1UF/16V A

T491A105K025AT 1UF/25V A T491A105K035AT 1UF/35V A

T491A225K016AT 2.2UF/16V A T491A225K025AT 2.2UF/25V A

T491A335K016AT 3.3UF/16V A T491A475K010AT 4.7UF/10V A

T491A475K016AT 4.7UF/16V A T491A685K010AT 6.8UF/10V A

T491A685K016AT 6.8UF/16V A T491A106K010AT 10UF/10V A

T491A106K016AT 10UF/16V A T491A226K006AT 22UF/6V A

T491A226K010AT 22UF/10V A T491A336K006AT 33UF/6V A

T491A476K006AT 47UF/6.3V A T491A107K004AT 100UF/6V A

Kemet tantalum Capacitor T491 series(B):

T491B105K035AT 1UF/35V B T491B105K050AT 1UF/50V B

T491B225K035AT 2.2UF/35V B T491B335K035AT 3.5UF/35V B

T491B475K025AT 4.7UF/25V B T491B106K016AT 10UF/16V B

T491B106K020AT 10UF/20V B T491B226K010AT 22UF/10V B

T491B226K016AT 22UF/16V B T491B336K010AT 33UF/10V B

T491B476K010AT 47UF/10V B T491B686K006AT 68UF/6V B

T491B107K006AT 100UF/6V B T491B227K004AT 220UF/4V B

Kemet tantalum Capacitor T491 series(C):

T491C105K035AT 1UF/35V C T491C105K050AT 1UF/50V C

T491C225K035AT 2.5UF/35V C T491C335K035AT 3.3UF/35V C

T491C475K035AT 4.7UF/20V C T491C106K016AT 10UF/16V C

T491C106K020AT 10UF/20V C T491C106K025AT 10UF/25V C

T491C106K035AT 10UF/35V C T491C226K010AT 22UF/10V C

T491C226K016AT 22UF/16V C T491C226K020AT 22UF/20V C

T491C336K010AT 33UF/10V C T491C336K016AT 33UF/16V C

T491C476K010AT 47UF/10V C T491C476K016AT 47UF/16V C

T491C686K010AT 68UF/10V C T491C686K016AT 68UF/16V C

T491C107K006AT 100UF/6V C T491C107K010AT 100UF/10V C

T491C227K006AT 220UF/6V C T491C226K025AT 22UF/25V C

T491C476K006AT 47UF/6V C

Kemet tantalum Capacitor T491 series(D):

T491D106K016AT 10UF/16V D T491D106K020AT 10UF/20V D

T491D106K025AT 10UF/25V D T491D106K035AT 10UF/35V D

T491D226K010AT 22UF/10V D T491D226K016AT 10UF/16V D

T491D226K020AT 22UF/20V D T491D226K025AT 22UF/25V D

T491D226K035AT 22UF/35V D T491D336K010AT 33UF/10V D

T491D336K016AT 33UF/16V D T491D336K020AT 33UF/20V D

T491D336K025AT 33UF/25V D T491D476K010AT 47UF/10V D

T491D476K016AT 47UF/16V D T491D476K020AT 47UF/20V D

T491D476K025AT 47UF/25V D T491D686K010AT 68UF/10V D

T491D686K016AT 68UF/16V D T491D107K006AT 100UF/6V D

T491D107K010AT 100UF/10V D T491D107K016AT 100UF/16V D

T491D227K006AT 220UF/6V D T491D227K010AT 220UF/10V D

T491D337K006AT 330UF/6V D T491D337K010AT 330UF/10V D

T491D477K006AT 470UF/6V D T491D477K010AT 470UF/10V D

Kemet tantalum Capacitor T491 series(E):

T491E106K035AT 10UF/35V E T491E106K050AT 10UF/50V E

T491E226K035AT 22UF/35V E T491E336K035AT 33UF/35V E

T491E476K035AT 47UF/35V E T491E686K035AT 68UF/35V E

T491E107K016AT 100UF/16V E T491E107K020AT 100UF/20V E

T491E107K025AT 100UF/25V E T491E227K010AT 220UF/10V E

T491E227K016AT 220UF/16V E T491E337K010AT 330UF/10V E

T491E477K010AT 470UF/10V E

Our Company

Shenzhen Winyat Technology Co., Ltd is located in the professional electronics market of China. Except for our two electronics warehouse in Shenzhen and Hong Kong, we supply all kinds of electronic components with reasonable price for our clients in the world from our good source. 

Shenzhen Warehouse

Hong Kong Warehouse

Contact us

Shenzhen Winyat Technology Co., Ltd (Headquarter)

Addr: Room 61906, Gloconda Electronics Market, Zhenhua Road, Huaqiangbei, Futian District, Shenzhen, China

Shenzhen Leads-on Electronics Limited (Hong Kong)

Addr: Room 20A, Kiu Fu Commercial Building, 300 Lockhart Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong

Tel: +86 755 82866542                    Cell/whatsapp: +86 13631686915        

Skype: robin.yang86

Our Service

1. Hot offer of electronic components in our two warehouse. These items can be shipped immediately. 
2. Supply all kinds of components with reasonable price from our good source. 

3. Quote and provide the components client need quickly after getting the bom list. 

4. Do the sourcing and order components from other countries for our client. 


All the components we supply is 100% new and original with 365 days warranty

1. we will tell you all the true data of goods, including manufacturer, date code....
2. If the components are newly packed, the original packing material will be provided if we have.
3. Your money will be refunded if the items is proved to be not original when received. 

4. You will get 365 days warranty since you purchase our product without artificial damage.

Packing & Delivery

Express Delivery

If you need the goods urgently, we can ship the items by DHL, Fedex, UPS, TNT and so on.

Deliver to warehouse

It is acceptable to deliver goods to your forwarder or dock warehouse near us if required


If you can arrange the shipment by yourself, we will hand over the goods in our office with better price. 

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