Air conditioning system heat recovery wheel rotary heat exchanger ahu accessories core

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1.Working principal of the rotary heat exchanger

The rotary type total heat exchanger keeps rotating at a speed of 10 rotations per minute. The constant-rotating wheel is the core body for thermal storage or cold storage. Fresh air passes through semi-circle of the rotary wheel and the exhausting air passes through the other semi-circle of the wheel in reversed direction. Fresh air and exhausting air passes through the wheel alternatively in a reversed direction. Heat will be released to thermal or cold storage core at the same time.


Transfer humidity is ensured in this full heat exchanger. Water separated from the air flow will enter moisture absorption coating and the water will be released to another air flow along with wheel rotation. Heat transfer also occurs during the moisture transfer process.


Sensible heat and latent heat exchanging occurs between the air discharging from the room and fresh air coming in which enables energy recovery of the heat exchanger in order to save energy and main good ventilation. You may pre-cool and dehumidify the fresh air in summer and warm and humidify the fresh air in winter. The recovery rate may reach above 75% which reduces cooling and heating load and the power consumption during running process of the air conditioner or boiler.


2. Structural drawing of rotary heat exchanger


3.1 HRWS technical data Novel AIRE series


1.It is processed and manufactured using special aluminum foil. It is of integral winding type.

2.If the diameter Φ is ≥2400mm, divided type can be customized if required.

3.Power of driving motor:

1:HRWS500  to HRWS900 0.09kw      2:HRWS1000  to HRWS1500   0.18kw

3:HRWS1600 to HRWS2400 0.37kw   4:HRWS2600  to HRWS95000  0.75kw


3.2 HRWT technical data Novel AIRE series


1.It is processed and manufactured using special aluminum foil. It is of integral winding type.

2.If the diameter Φ is ≥2400mm, divided type can be customized if required.

3.Power of driving motor:

1:HRWS500  to HRWS900 0.09kw      2:HRWS1000  to HRWS1500   0.18kw

3:HRWS1600 to HRWS2400 0.37kw   4:HRWS2600  to HRWS95000  0.75kw


4. Product characteristics

Selectable absorption

Heat recovery rotary core produced by Roter Company adopts dryer “ROTER 34A” with special speciation for micro-pore molecular sieve. “ROTER 34A” only allows water molecules to pass through and will stop all other pollutants which can only be remained in exhausting air.

High diffusion rate

ROTER 34A not only enjoys high selection scope. It also combines high diffusion rate with wide selection scope.

High structural strength

ROTER 34A rotary wheel uses latest modern coiling technique. Therefore it has very high structural strength (there are three kinds of thickness of the aluminum foil for selection:0.05mm/0.08mm/0.12mm)

High-level polished surface

The surface of rotary wheel has gone through special processing (polishing and shearing) which gains smooth hand feel. The horizontal deviation distance within 2000mm vertical surface is lower than 2mm which results in even clearance between all sections and mechanical seal brushes. Thus the air leakage rate is reduced to a minimum degree..

Easy modification

This product can be installated both in horizontal and vertical manners and is easy for modification.

High performance heat recovery rate

The rated heat recovery efficiency is up to 79% under air speed of 3.5m/s and air resistance of 170 Pa on rotary wheel surface.

Wide application scope

1:There are two kinds of cores for selection: sensitive heat type and latent heat type

2:Height of cellular aperture: two kinds (1.8/2.5mm) for selection; thickness of rotary wheel: two kinds (200/270mm) for selection

3:Supporting frame of the rotary wheel: three structures for selection: galvanized sheet, cold rolled sheet plastic spraying, sheet coated with aluminum-zinc

4:there are standard pieces and non-standard-pieces for selection

5:diameter of rotary wheel: from Φ 200mm to Φ5000mm.

The fan cleaning device is set inside which avoids cross pollution

The fan cleaning device may prevent the bacteria, dust and pollutants from entering the fresh air side from air discharging side. The fan cleaning device and mechanical seal brush device reduce the pollution to a minimum degree.

Manufacturing and design of new type

We can provided integrated type or divided type according to requirements of the customers.

Contact type mechanical seal brush device

Flexible seal brush is used which reduces heat loss to a minimum degree

It reduces abrasion which increases service life of the driving motor.


Special transmission belt

The transmission belt adopts imported piece from Japan with original packing. It has special belt tension device and the mechanical belt is provided with lock

Frequency conversion control (optional)

MicromMax is a kind of advanced vector modulation frequency converter which may realize all the necessary additional functions for rotary heat exchanger controlling, such as rotation speed regulating, start up and monitoring, etc.


5. Combined schematic diagram of combined type heat recovery machine



Combined schematic diagram of combined type heat recovery machine

Combination mode of the machine unit

Mode 1

Mode 2

Mode 3

Mode 4

Mode 5

Mode 6

Mode 7

Arrangement form of the heat recovery device

Vertical type

Vertical type

Vertical type

Vertical type

Vertical type

Horizontal type

Horizontal type

Function form of the system

Fresh air

Direct-flow fresh air

Fresh air treatment

Air conditioner

Bypass for air conditioner

Fresh air treatment

Air conditioner

Form of bypass system








Leakage volume of air discharging

Precious little



Precious little




Applicable site

Simple ceiling with small air volume

General fresh air direct-flow or ceiling type

Fresh air treatment

Air conditioner with large volume

Floor type

Air conditioner which requires bypass and recovery device with low pressure loss

Fresh air treatment

Air conditioner with large volume

Floor type


6:Installation ways of Split runner

Installation steps of Split runner:

1.Make the frame-shear of the runner smooth and fixed.

2.Put the half of the runner into the frame with half plane upturn.Fix the curve of the runner with curved cushion and install the Central axis in the Bearing seat.

3.Install and split another half runner with loop wheel machine or special equipment.Plane faces plane.(There are marks on Connection point both side of the runner,same marks connect each other).Lateral plane of the runner core must be smooth.It should be fixed with 8 M12*45 bolt with 4 M10*75 bolt connect both side.Then screw up the bolt of Central axis and install the Dust cover of runner core.If the dust cover is fixed smooth,it should be fixed on the square pipe of the runner with M5*16 big white head drilling screws.

4.When runner works,watch that if the runner runout.And if the clearance of runner side is same as four sides of frame-shear.If not,then make adjustments.(Different between right and left,relax the Central axis; different between up and down,put corresponding cushion under the Central axis of the bigger plane below.Generally the cushion is 0.5mm thickness.The clearance has 4mm can be changed until becomes same.Note:The factory has debugged before products leave. )

5.Fix the upper half frame-shear with special equipment.And fix it with bolt and seal up tops.

6.When debugging,it should be fixed gear motor with strap and switch on 380V power supply.

It requires no abnormal sound and friction sound.


7. Operation notes and maintenance

1.Filtration is required before the air entering rotary heat exchanger to prevent honeycomb hole blocked by the dust in the air. If dirt and dust accumulated on the rotary wheel, please adopt the following methods to solve the problem:

1:Dust catcher--- if there’s not much dust,

2:Compressed air --- if there’s much dust, but it is not firmly attached,

3:Hot water or solvent, if there’s much dirt firmly attached.


2.Connect outdoor fresh air and indoor return air to the rotary wheel box according to the direction indicated on the label. Wrong connection is strictly forbidden; the rotation direction of the rotary wheel shall be the same as indicated. If the rotation direction is not correct, you may change the three-phase sequence connected to the motor.


3.Bypass shall be set the device is not used in transition seasons. You may choose rotary heat exchanger with or without fan surface cleaning function according to engineering requirements.


4.The water vapor contained in the discharging air may frost in extremely cold winter which may block or hinder air flow. But it will not damage the main body of the rotary wheel. Therefore, outdoor air pre-heating shall be considered during design process before the air entering full heat exchanger or the rotation speed shall be controlled to prevent frosting or freezing.


5.Maintenance of the driving equipment

1:The rotary wheel is driven by the motor through the driving belt around the wheel core circumference.

2:Do remember to inspect the tension rate of the driving belt after it runs for the first 1000 hours.

3:You may increase the tension rate by cutting the belt and then connect the belt by connection board.

4:No maintenance is required for the motor may body. .


6.Maintenance of seal strip between wheel core and shell body

Inspect the clearance between seal strip and wheel core during inspection period. Regulate the clearance if necessary. No other maintenance is required for the seal strip.


8. Service commitment


Pre-sale service

Provide technical data in time and made perfect technical plan.

In-sale service

Make delivery on time with required quality, guide installation carefully and provide free service and commissioning.

After-sale service

Provide professional and considerate service and you have nothing to be worried about Customer satisfaction is our constant pursuit!


1.The warranty period of the product is: The warranty period lasts for twelve months since the date that the inspection acceptance is passed. We will provide free repairing and maintenance service for any failure caused by quality problem of the product within the warranty period. We will also bear the related construction cost, labor cost and material cost, etc. The warranty period of replaced components shall be calculated from the replacing date.

2.We commit to provide spare parts within 24 hours if required. If any failure caused due to improper operation during warranty period, we will provide free service and the related spare part will only be charged at cost price.

3.After the warranty period, since the two parties have long-term equipment maintenance relationship, the maintenance and spare parts of the equipment will be charged at cost price within five years. Besides, we promise to provide quick and good service.

4.All the after-sale personnel promise that no improper interest requirements will be asked from the user.

5.We will provide free operation training to operation and maintenance personnel of the equipment to make them get professional skills for operation and simple maintenance and ensure skilled operation of them.

6.We will send professional engineer to perform overall inspection and deal with all the failures together with the representative of the user before the warranty period expires. Report will be made in duplicate and submitted to the user. The report shall include causes of failure, repairing content, time needed for return to normal status, etc.

7.We will give clear reply about how to solve the problem within 2 hours after being informed by the user.