best quality peristaltic pump for concrete, small portable concrete pump Slurry transfer peritaltic hose pump

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Anhui, China (Mainland)
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peristaltic pump
High Pressure
Stainless Steel
ISO9001 CE
pump for concrete, small portable concrete pump
1 Year Warranty(except Wearing Parts)
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Mixed Flow Pump
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300 Set/Sets per Month
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  • Peristaltic Hose Pump and Foam Concrete Pump Introduction:

The industrial hose pump is a new, multifunction and multipurpose industrial pump developed on the basis of foreign advanced technologies. It breaks away the restrictions of traditional pump impeller and shaft seal and uses the totally different mechanism compared with traditional pump. So it is very suitable to transport materials with high viscosity, high corrosivity and high content of solid particles.


Group by application: foam concrete pump, ceramic glaze pump, cement pump, mortar pump, grout pump, slurry pump, sewage pump, crude oil pump, chemical pump, deep well pump, mud pump, sludge pump, drain pump, medical pump, mining pump, food grade pump etc.


  • Peristaltic Hose Pump and Foam Concrete Pump Features:

- Unique structure with no sealing element, no leakage, no pollution;

- Advanced rolling technology adopted, no need of lubrication for roller;

- High suction ability, self-cleaning ability, sucking materials in two directions;

- Simple hose installation, simple operation, easy to assemble and maintain, lower maintenance cost;

- Linear regulation of flow rate, limited measuring ability;

- No block when pumping fluid with high viscosity and foreign substance contained;

- Long service life;

- High delivery lift and output pressure.


  •  Peristaltic Hose Pump and Foam Concrete Pump  Working Principle:

There is a specially made rubber hose with smooth inner surface and high strength installed in the pump body. When a pair of roller rotate and squeeze the hose, the rotation and squeezing force will force the transported material flow in single direction and with no back flow. After the material in hose is transported, the squeezed hose will return to its normal shape by its elasticity and pressing force of side rollers. During this procedure, the vacuum generated will suck the material into hose cavity, and then, the sucked material will be squeezed by coming rollers and discharged from the output again. With the continuous rotation of roller, the material is sucked and discharged continuously. 


  • Peristaltic Hose Pump and Foam Concrete Pump Application Areas:

Our industrial hose pumps are used to transport the materials in following industries:

Phosphate fertilizer and compound fertilizer industry: Thick pasty stock and sedimentary sludge in spraying and granulating; Quantitative transportation in labs.

Mining and mineral separation: Filling materials in gold mining, pasty mined slurry, sewer drainage, sorbent, grout and mortar, etc

Chemical: Pulp of acid, alkali and phosphate; Inorganic salt such as titanium dioxide(TiO2); Crystallized liquid, suspending fluid, emulsion, resin, ooze and any acid or alkali pasty materials.

Wastewater treatment: Silt slurry and lime mortar.

Oil industry: Slurry in well drilling, crude oil.

Ceramics: Ceramic slurry, glaze slurry and frit.

Papermaking: Paper pulp, sulfur slurry.

Cosmetic: Toothpaste, emulsion, shampoo, hair conditioner, face cream and face oil.

Construction: Sewerage, drainage of deep tunnel, cement slurry, concrete slurry and ceiling painting.

Electric plating and electrolysis: Electroplating solution, electrolyte, anode slime and deposit.

Food industry: Oil and beverage

Pharmacy: All kinds of pharmaceutical material and liquid

Besides above materials, our industrial hose pump can also transport other liquids with high sealing requirements, high viscosity and large quantity of solid particles contained, such as radioactive liquid waste, electrolytic waste, liquid contained metal, oil paint, coating materials, auxiliary agent in printing and dyeing, bond, glue, latexes and refractory fibre slurry, etc.


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  • Peristaltic Hose Pump and Foam Concrete Pump Models: