energy saver magnetic fuel saver car fuel saver

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Guangdong, China (Mainland)
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Saving fuel
patent auto car magnetic fuel saver
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10000 Piece/Pieces per Week
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  energy saver magnetic fuel saver car fuel saver

1.Product Introduction


Fuel saver devices/ fuel economizer / economizer/ gasoline economizer/is available from Japan, the world's first fuel 

modification device that has a patents. It has a particularly strong redox catalyst, electric ion exchange, far infrared and 

electromagnetic wave functions, superposition of the four functions can Shiran ultra-fine molecules of oil, the fuel modification to achieve perfect results. It is also the physical nature of solid-state products, without any harm to the engine, only once used, eight years’ effect!


2.Product Principle



This product has an exceptionally strong redox catalyst, electric ion exchange, far infrared and electromagnetic wave 

functions, superposition of the four functions, reduced hydrocarbon fuels (gasoline, diesel) attraction between molecules, 

instantaneous, and repeatedly so that the oxygen adsorption and out, pull the molecule, so that makes the sub-group smaller, fuel modification to achieve the perfect effect, so that the combustion of fuel close to 100%.





1, increase power
2, to save fuel
3, to extend the oil service life, reduce maintenance costs
4, removal and prevention of carbon deposition
5, reducing engine noise
6, clean exhaust emissions
7, extend engine life


1.clean exhaust emissions
Product will make close to 100% of fuel combustion, the engine down to performance improvement, so that

the exhaust pipe emissions such as smoke and odor decreased more than 45%.

2.extend engine life
Product will make the engine work in a clean environment, equal to effectively protect the engine, resulting in 20% of its life span can be extended.


3.removal and prevention of carbon deposition
Combustion products of fuel molecules in the course of repeated adsorption and separated from the carbon deposit on the original engine to clean the dirt completely stripped, no longer produced after the deposition, make the engine, carburetor, valves and electrical nozzle clean office. save fuel
Products enable ultra-fine fuel elements of the modification, a significant reduction in the acid oil quality, improve the fuel grade, burning even more fully, horsepower increased significantly, with the result the same mileage significantly reduced fuel consumption, saving 5 percent -30 % fuel.



5, reducing engine noise
Products enable the rapid modification of the fuel molecules, causing the engine easier to start, reduce mechanical 

friction and reduce the 5-20 dB noise.

6, clean exhaust emissions
Product will make close to 100% of fuel combustion, the engine down to performance improvement, so that the exhaust 

pipe emissions such as smoke and odor decreased more than 45%.

7, extend engine life
Product will make the engine work in a clean environment, equal to effectively protect the engine, resulting in 20% of its 

life span can be extended.






From our implementation of the test results can be confirmed quickly results confirm the effectiveness of diesel vehicles, slow. However, in the city block by block other factors, can not increase the speed to confirm the horsepower increase is difficult, it is recommended on the highway driving, relatively effective recognition products. Passenger cars and small trucks to the main streets to vehicles, or working from a short distance with the following vehicles, its effect is gradually emerging, so it takes time, it is recommended for the initial stage in moving low-grade and improve transfer Number of driving, about 15 days compared to the best.


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At the fuel sensor Department above the tank, ,  open the lid and put into the tank. (Most of the car under the trunk

 flange) with this method would be best to ask help from your maintenance staff.



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