new Car speed limit is also not worried about the speed limit for the vehicle speed limit the eport of SONCAP certification

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Nine core electronics
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Nine core electronics - mechanical throttle / electronic throttle car speed limiter


Guangzhou Jiuin Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional engaged in R & D, production and sale of automotive speed limiter, car alarm, high-tech enterprises, is currently on the market, R & D investment strength is the biggest and the most professional technology, the most complete scheme of a company. According to market demand, I am the Secretary for the safety of the vehicle management situation, has developed a voice alarm, mandatory speed limit, speeding and many other programs, such as a complete range of speed limit,We have applied for national invention patent.


At present, our company has installed a large number of cars, the speed limit for the following models:Automobiles, buses, trucks, buses, tanks


Car, school bus, bus, mud head car, miing truck, truck, garbage checkVehicle, forklift and other industrial vehicles.


Automobile speed limiter


The main function of the governor is to limit the ecessive speed of the vehicle. Driving in a safe speed range. And with travel records, can be recorded within 72 hours of real-time speed data. The speed limiter can automatically adjust the speed threshold management, from 0 to 100 kilometers per hour within the scope of regulation. Suitable for all kinds of motor vehicles in china.

The speed limit, if the vehicle is in the range of safety speed, the driver can freely move the throttle. When the set value is reached, the speed limit switch is opened, the microcomputer chip detects the current speed in real time, and controls the servo system to force the throttle to be reduced,Speed limiter will be adjusted according to the speed and acceleration of the situation, to avoid the speed beyond the speed limit. For eample, the value of the speed limit set at 80 yards, then the speed will not eceed 80 yards, the driver stepped on the accelerator, the speed will be around 80 yards to eercise.

Three product features

ORemote setting function, you can set the parameters, the driver can not change the value of the speed limit, the administrator has the right to modify;

OCan be directly connected to the computer set specific parameters, the host computer software, easy to operate;

OApplicable to a wide range, can be used in 12V~24V cable car and automobile electronic throttle pedal machine.

OProduct light, easy to install, using the full floating shock design, seismic performance is good;

OThe power supply line is short circuit proof, with the built-in overcurrent protection circuit, and the stability is very strong;

OMaintenance free, mechanical contact, electronic control mechanical design features, once installed, no worries for life;

O You can force the speed limit, do not turn off, do not affect the torque and horsepower, safety speed, speed with a sound reminder;

OThe speed of the mandatory speed limit is uniform, the throttle can be free movement within the scope of the speed limit;

OWith a bright digital display function, you can display real-time speed and set parameters;

OWith intelligent learning speed meter function, can be directly connected to the various types of vehicle speed meter, the installation is simple;

OCan remember a variety of parameters, a set, a lifetime of effective;

OOperating voltage range of DC9V ~ 36V; work small power consumption, only 5W.

OWith U disk download function, detailed speed data, as well as a variety of parameters can be a key to download to the U disk;

OThe parameter settings include speed, time, pulse rate, driver, date of installation, registration, license plate number, frame number and so on;


Four technical parameters

OApplicable environment temperature is -35 degrees Celsius to 50 degrees Celsius, the relative humidity is not more than 90% should be able to work properly.

OApplicable road three and three standard above the road.

OSpeed limit range: 10-120 km / h.

OSpeed limit deviation: + 1 km / h.

OProduct operating voltage range: 9-28V

OLow temperature performance of the product: -40

OHigh temperature resistant performance of the product: +85

OAnti vibration performance inde: frequency 20-50HZ, acceleration 1g

OElectromagnetic compatibility: anti group impulse voltage of 4000V

ORated power consumption2W;


SiRemote control operation instructions

6.1set speed

Press the speed button of the remote control, enter the speed adjustment menu, and then enter the number directly, or press the button to adjust the button to adjust to the required speed, such as60code, on the input60, and then press OK to determine the key;

6.2Set the clock

Pulse wave velocity is calculated a parameter to the car's speed, regulating pulse rate can make the speed governor and vehicle speed odometer line. The clock is not accurate will directly lead to the display speed governor is not accurate, so it must be adjusted accurately.

The clock calibration method1Governor: after installed the vehicle engine, the amount of1individual10riceThe front wheel is pressed on the starting point, and then by the remote control.PULSEKey, the vehicle starts to travel, does not limit the speed, runs through10riceAfter the stop, and then pressOKKey determination;

The clock calibration method2According to the remote control.PULSE] key, the then add and subtract button to adjust the speed, if the odometer speed faster than the speed limit display speed, add, whereas reduction; then press OK;

6.3time setting

General factory has been set up, if you want to change the time, then press the time key. This menu is divided into: year, month, day, time, minutes, seconds6Level 1; the first level shows a year, according to the number of key input4For a year, then pressAEnter the net level, the month is set, press the number key to enter2And then press theAEnter the net level day settings, press the digital key input2And then press [ATo enter the net level settings, press the digital key input2And then press [ATo enter the net level, according to the digital key input2Bit, then press [AEnter the net level of the second set, according to the number of key input2A second, and then pressOKKey to determine the time settings. Time has been saved.

Eample: input2014-12-20 14:50:20Second, according toTIMEKey, enter setup time, and then enter2014, press again.AAnd then enter12, press again.AAnd then enter20, press again.AAnd then enter14, press again.AAnd then enter50, press again.AAnd then enter20And then set; the time is set;

6.4 USBdownload

takeUDisk insert speed limiter, display screen pop upUSBRead the symbols, and then press the remote controlUSBKey can download the data, read the time can not be removedUDisk, after reading, the display is zero, a buzzer sound, that reads, you can pull outUPlate. Read can also be directly on the machine by direct reading;


SevenPC PC software directly set parameters

use9A serial line directly connected serial needle governor and computer, some computer does not recommend the use of a 9-pin serial port.USBSerial port. Software for the green version, open the software.

EightInstallation instructions

8.1Functional specification and installation of wire rod

Wire color






Power cathode

Power cathode

Speed limit line

The clock signal line

Insert the fuse to the red line, the line is connected into the key switch of the cathode, black line grounding or even into negative Green took the key switchACCThe control signal line line, yellow line connecting the odometer.

8.2Function debugging

Turn on the power key to the speed limit-000, then the remote control to the display screen, enter the password, the password is the initialZeroAnd then adjust the pulse speed and speed limit speed regulation after press OK button to determine.


Will start the vehicle, vehicle start, acceleration, speed is about to reach the speed limit value, will advance warning, buzzer alarm, when the speed limit is reached, governor immediately start mandatory speed limit, uniform speed decreased, gas is invalid, pending restoration to the below the speed limit value, gas recovery rate and rate limiting function to lift;



Nine, daily maintenance

10.1Governor actuator assembly

1.Check the speed governor actuator surface is clean, there is no corrosion;

2.Check that the fiing bolt of the speed governor is firm;

ThreeinspectWhether the parts are firmly fied;

4.Check whether the wire connection is intact, the fuse is in good condition.

10.2Governor control unit

1.Check the actuator surface is clean, there is no corrosion, water immersion;

TwoCheck the actuator enclosure of the governor and the actuator is damaged;

10.3Speed limiterCentral control unit

1.Check the governor surface is clean, there is no corrosion, water immersion;

2.Check the governor of the governor and the 12B wire harness connection is firm

10.4Governor harness

1.Check whether there is damage to the surface of the wiring harness;

TwoCheck wiring harness connection is firm;

10.5Governor speed detection

1.Check the speed of the governor and the speed signal is connected to the speed meter is intact, whether the display can accurately display speed.

Remark: the driver is strictly prohibited without permission to disassemble the speed limiter device, such as a similar situation, our company does not assume the corresponding responsibility;



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