ship launching airbag

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Place of Origin:
Shandong, China
Brand Name:
Ocean shield
Product Name:
ship launching airbag
Natural Rubber
Frame material:
Nylon Tire Cord Fabric
For ship launching
ISO 17357: 2014
6--10 Years
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Product Description

ship launching airbag are mainly applied to ship launching and landing, weight lifting, handling, installation of underwater buoyancy aid etc. Production compared with the  international stanard ISO14409 . 


1.High bearing capacity

  An equal ability to an inflatable rubber bag marine high quality of ability is the main targets, CB/T 3795 - 1996 "the ship and water in the bag under professor of international standard specifies the document's the pressure of work demands and all kinds of pressure in rates per meter high indicators in production. our factory's new generation of the rubber bag with the use of the new recipes and high tension enhance its ability to fibers carry more than double standards of the above, this means that using' JINZHENG" marine rubber airbag with ships, the water to proper work to reduce the number's only and security increased reliability.

1. High resistance to knead ability

Airbag in the low, he is the bottom of extrusion, due to the ground and the inhomogeneity of the scrolling speed, air, this will generate torsional deformation by extrusion and produce the phenomenon with torsional deformation can rub "movement" to describe the pressure When the airbag kneading pressure produced when the air movement and local bursa wall will produce ruffled, ruffled, under the action of stress concentration of the reinforced fiber multi-layer structure of layered tear easily bursa wall, the fiber bursa wall broken and the air caused by the burst We developed a new generation of balloon from rubber formulation and process improvements, two improved structure of tensile strength, high resistance to knead

pressure 2.

3.The new structure design of accounts attné'end

  Air pressure increase, gasbag ends with the rubber iron castings produced the likelihood of urban-rural discouraged has also increase do After repeated use, once the air leakage phenomenon of produce high pressure, in the end, bursts easily o The water in the air crash, some production quality is not high, the balloon fly out of the wound phenomenon has several, be worth us to improve our vigilance.In order to adapt to the requirement of high pressure in side the seal, we adopted at the end of the new structure design, accounts for the clouds don't iron and sealing, bonding strength of the use of pressure increase, use not happen discouraged phenomenon. To eliminate the safe hidden trouble


4.Optimization of structural layout

  The layout structure optimization principle is the. process of working in the air of the first magnitude and direction to determine each layer, then adjust the Angle, cord in each layer to bursa wall force. general equilibrium cord. enhance the efficiency of the fiber get maximum play. Therefore, we established the inflatable rubber.airbag models, the intensity of compression test The study of air compression rolling process, the principal stress in bursa wall and the direction of the size of the variation of the optimal design. layout cord b. The new design optimization of the structure and layout of blasting test and actual use by proof is very successful

5. Durable anti- -aging abilities and wear  characteristics 

  Durable the protests of the old and tough nature of the marine the bag in very bad environment, the work of the sun, you may contact the sea and sand and all kinds of pollution. air bags on the surface must be tough with the flow of water and chemical substances and erosion resistance is capability. " high kanamasa high marine rubber bag of the basic use of natural rubber as the main raw materials, it is reasonable, for adding adjuvant material, the experiment proves that along time to the resistance is capability and abrasion resistance

 6.Higher flexibility and shock absorption ability

  More flexibility and shock absorption capacity "kanamasa"rubber bag inflated with a marine adopt unique craft of making the wound and "at a long time' sulfur. its full the thickness, there is no uniform set up by the two joints. therefore the same intensity,  "an inflatable rubber bag kanamasa type could be more thin, soft and elastic. it is on the scroll, and the contact pressure will be more small and even, and have a higher Shock absorption capacity when the ground sloped in case of change or uneven, the softness of flexibility to eliminate structural stress and lower the risk.



Material of rubber requirement






The Security issues of airbag usage

1.Super pressure control

  To strictly control the working pressure, shall not exceed the stipulated in table 2 of the pressure of work

2. Spikes to avoid

  The surface contact with airbag is not sharp outstanding person,prevent punctured. 

3.Prevent distortion

  The airbag in scrolling process avoid length direction generate distortion, Such as when the Catamarans ashore and down , if use done airbag easy to generate distortion. So please put two airbag in Catamarans below.

4.Exempt impact 

Balloon inflated should avoid impact load. Especially in the ship fall pier, When the airbag as lifting has lifted most hull, To remove piers of wood and fill in scrolling the airbag process,if left one, two piers were still tightly, Don't touch it. Because the pier wood cut down, once the impact of hull gravity might make airbag burst. Should adjust the airbag pressure, Make leaving ship from piers of wood. And as with nothing in the process of moving ship collision, When will cause serious damage airbag.

5. Pressure test

Not long after the repair or airbag before revived, shall be carried out before reactivated no load charging test. Test pressure should take the pressure of work. Lab, inspector shall at least 3 meters away from the airbag. If after the repair damaged area, should reduce airbag pressure of work. Every year, all common airbag to the experiment,can ensure a safe use.

Marine Airbag productive process


Packaging & Shipping



Airbag of repair

  Jinzheng Marine rubber airbag small damage occurred. as long as no serious damage is cracked and aging (Surface without cracking and tacky), ail can undertake repair. Recommend using thermal sulfide method, process is introduced.

1.Clean airbag surface

  Rinse airbag, make internal and external surface cleaning, don't nave sediment, dirt and oil dry surface. When the balloon in water,leaning, notice the soaking time, no more than 10 minutes.

2.Laid Soak glue Twill Fabrics

  laid Soak glue Twill Fabrics Refers to enhance fiber (known as Tire cord) surface coating coated the Raw rubber. Use the repair airbag Soak glue Twill Fabrics the original material should be consistent with the material factory (according to the customer request can provide the same material Soak glue Twill Fabrics), the Twill Fabrics Within the body wall with airbag wiring Angle for same.Laying methods depending on different forms of break age. The damage form can generally be divided into longitudinal cracks ( Crack length direction along the airbag extension), Transverse crack( Cracks along the circumference direction outspread). Nail eye ( Including the shape10cm diameter less damage Proceed as follows

  (1)  Mark the scope of repair course out as the bound to polish lace .To expand the scope of repair course around the crack to avoid the crack out of sight .The extended range has to depend on the type air bag and extend of damage ,usually 5 for 22~24cm;6 for 24~26cm;7for 26~28cm;8 for 28~30cm.

Polish the face needed to repair till show the fibre ,but don't damage the fibre.

  (3 )  For the longer crack ,it has to be sewed with cord fabric,note that the pinhole is far from the crack around 2~3cm, the space between pinhole is around 10cm.


(4) Clean the face needed to repair with petrol ,then air it dry.

(5) Brushing the glue paste on it .The glue is soaked in petrol,then become the glue paste .The proportion of glue and petrol is1:5.When brush the first layer ,thin mixture is better(The proportion of glue and petrol is 1:8).After airing dry the first layer ,brush the thick mixture and air dry it.

 (6) Seal the crack with the unripe glue strip that is 1mm thickness and more than 1cm width.

(7) Brush the petrol on it ,and air dry it.

(8) Regarding longitudinal cracks . Uses widely first aproximate10 cm wide immerse glue cord fibre cloth perpendicular to the direction. of crack applied layer (see chart 9a) . For horizontal cracks and eye can be directly on the (10) step operating

(9)Brush again cold dry gas

(10) Lengthwise parallel to put a layer of hanging among. Around the crack of overlapped range should be greater than 5cm, and around to clip round (see chart 9b)o

( 11 ) Brush again cold dry gas

(12) Lay a layer of oblique hanged among tire cord direction should

be within the bursa wall and oblique tire cord (or enhance fiber) in the same direction. The scope of overlapped around than previous level among big 1cm, hang around and round to clip (see chart 9c).

( 13 ) Brush again cold dry gas

(14) More inclined to put a layer of hanging among. Tire cord longitudinal axis parallel with the Angle and a vertical axis parallel tire cord and the direction of rotation Angle, but equally (if a contrary to 30degrees counterclockwise rotation, this layer is 30 degrees counter clockwise chart 9d ) around the scope of overlapped than a hanging among 1cm again big,round and round to clip.

(15) Brush again cold dry gas

(16) Lengthwise perpendicular to the layer corporation -the hung.The scope of overlapped around a hanging than among 1cm again big, round and round to clip.

(17) Compaction layer, the layer between the air out and clean.

(18) At last one hang around among besmear again, and gasoline,wide 2cm thick 1mm 3cm - born strip the edge sealing up (see chart2ld).

3. The thermal curing

 General shipyard can be used as shown in the figure 10 simple working platform. On the platform of a door frame, and the switch-board, car inner void sandbags (available with sand, jack and replace)heating. The heating plate thickness and width for 0.4 mm mm, pour into fillet around iron. The interface edge with airbag will fall into the arc.

  Will stay vulcanization airbag repair parts according to the center of alignment. Also will use thermometer measurement sizzling heat, iron temperature. When the temperature rise to 150 + ~ 5

 degrees centigrade, and can be taken down on cotton pad iron, alignment, jack sulfide (O.6 MPa pressure), with iron slowly cooling, vulcanization process can complete (curing time 4O minutes). If a wound,exceed big sulfide heating plate, limit the effective length of fluidized center, again in order to both sides sulfide. In iron, heating sulfide in previous 15mm overlap


4. Inspection

  Check whether the place repair adhesive close-grained, don't allow internal bubble, debonded or spongy etc. The new gum heating area are not permitted aging chap, owe sulfur or sulfur phenomenon.After the inspection for external pressure test, test pressure from the pressure of work.


Warning: After repair damaged area, should reduce the air pressure of work


5. Repair

To ensure the safety airbag, have one of following cases should repair:

1.From the date of original shipment, more than 8 years or more.

2.Serious violation of regulations, use the work stress than guarantee blasting.

3.Seriously damaged, such as air horizontal crack length than circumference 1/3, longitudinal cracks generated more than 2m or cross damage fracture.

4.Surface is serious, chap, ageing has decayed tacky, cord.



Air Bag storage:

  1. For a long time without air, clean air, and apply within talcum powder, placed in the interior dry, cool, ventilated place.

  2.The place should be stored away from heat.

  3.Gasbag cannot and acid, alkali, grease and organic solvents.4 airbags need not when, should open on pile, nor in the air pressure of weight.






1.What’s the material of your airbags and pneumatic rubber fender ?

Material: natural rubber +Synthetic-tyre-cord layer for reinforcement 


2. "What's the advantage of your products   ?"
Pneumatic rubber fender manufactured by mold ,It is the sole factory in China that produces mold . Different with hand make products , difference like Vacuum tyre and tube tyre .


3. How long about the shortest delivery time ?

 We have stock sizes fenders in China ,Singapore and Indonesia now , we can delivery from the nearest warehouse to you .


4 What's your MOQ of rubber airbagsand fenders ?

MOQ: 1PC yokohama fender price


5What's the lifespan of your rubber airbags and pneumatic rubber fender ?"

Airbags Life span: 6-10 years.  Pneumatic rubber fender lifespan more than 10 years .


6 .What's the warranty period of your rubber airbags?"
12months. Product will be maintained or returned because of the airbag leakage ,take off layers,the head of airbag break off etc , products caused by product quality The repair technology supply for free .


7 .What’s your standard of you products ?

Airbags manufacture standard stickly with ISO14409

Pneumatic rubber fender to be satisfy with ISO17357: 2014  


8. What kind of certificate can you provide ?"
DNV.GL ,BV CCS LR .certificates are available.