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Nursery pots come in various sizes, but a 1 gallon pot size is the most popular. A 1 gallon pot can hold small plants and flowers. For larger plants and arrangements, you may want to consider 2 gallon pots for plants.

What Do 1 Gallon Nursery Pots Look Like?

Most one gallon pots for plants are made of black plastic with minimal details. While a 1 gallon planter has a basic design without much aesthetic appeal, it’s an effective and affordable option for both nurseries and homeowners. These 1 gallon flower pots hold enough dirt or soil to help your plants thrive for months.

Holes at the base of the 1 gallon plastic pot allow water to drain out. The plastic used to make one gallon plant pots is rather thin so it’s recommended you transport your pots carefully. Holding the base of the 1 gallon pot offers extra support. Plastic 1 gallon plant pots are perfect for transport but may also house your precious plants for up to a year.

Why are Most 1 Gallon Nursery Pots Black?

1 gallon plant pots aren’t just black because it’s a basic, neutral color. Research shows that the darker the container, the better the soil inside absorbs and retains heat. That means if the plants or flowers your growing thrive in warmer climates, buying black 1 gallon nursery pots in bulk will ensure that your plants thrive.

Can You Keep Plants and Fowers in 1 Gallon Nursery Pots?

While some people are quick to get home and transfer their plants or flowers from the nursery pot to a 1 gallon planter, you may actually be doing more harm than good. Moving a plant or flower from the nursery’s pot to a new, more decorative planter could cause them stress. Plants under stress are more likely to wilt and die, whereas a plant that’s secure and well-established in its original pot will flourish. It’s recommended you keep any plants or flowers you buy in the original one gallon pot from the nursery for up to one year.