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        Q: My washer machine will not fill with cold water, not even during the rinse cycle.?
A: Usually the issuance is with the water valve or the `` mix valve '' wherever your hot and cold water filling hoses connect to the back of the drive is the valve . You will be required your modelling number to get the rights part though . YOu can go to apdepot.com to find the part number for your machine . 

Q: Old Gas Furnace Valve solenoid keeps sticking?
A: put a string on a weighting above the valve , run it down staircircumstances where it sticks pull the string & amp ; drop it  tapping the valve , till its replaced 

Q: Problem with sprinkler system valve.?
A: Before you doing something else , check the ground wire in the comptroller ( timer ) . The areas valves use a common ground , however , individual hot wired . If the ground wire 're not resolutely connected in the comptroller , or if it is ruptured somewhere before the comptroller , no-one of the zonings is gonna work . Next , as others have insinuated , verify to be persuaded the water 's on . Most communities require some type of anti-backflow device between the sprinkler system and the water supply . On mine , for example , this situation is a set of two water valves . Both have to be opening ( handled line up with the piping ) for water are to achieve the sprinkler system . If this is not the problem , examine the areas valves . Many models 've got a bit of a lever on the valve that will allow you turning now on the valve manually . If they come on manually the issue is presumably electric . If the valves have n't got the a lever , switched off the water and eliminates the solenoid by slackening the wired and screwing it off the valve . Gently turn the water on part way . Water ought to be spraying out the seating for the solenoid . My personal views is you 've got an electrical problem with the ground wire .