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A 1 meter ruler, meter stick ruler, or folding meter ruler is either a straightedge or foldable ruler used to measure length and is especially common in the construction industry. Available in bulk in wood or plastic, ruler and meter sticks often have metal or plastic joints so that they can be folded together. The normal length of a meterstick made for the international market is either one or two meters, while a yardstick made for the U.S. market is typically one yard long. Measuring with a meter stick is generally reserved for businesses related to the education industry, or for businesses that have clients in architecture and similar professions. With a variety available at bulk prices under a dollar apiece, those vendors looking to inflate their profits need only measure their future success with Alibaba.com’s flexible plastic meter rulers, 1 meter steel rulers and folding meter sticks.

Measuring tape:

Indispensable for vendors of builder supplies, a tape measure beats the meters on rulers by a large margin, extending for relatively long distances. If your clients are measuring, drawing, or doing home DIY, the tape measure is one of the measuring tools that every handyman and his tool supplier should have in their possession. Suitable for renovating a house: masonry, carpentry, tiling, plasterboard fitting, etc., the global measuring tape market will grow with a CAGR of 3.51% from 2020 to 2027 and was valued at 1109.31 Million USD in 2020.

Laser rangefinder:

To carry out work at home indoors or carry out large outdoor projects, any business that supplies amateurs or professionals in the building industry needs to stock a precise measuring tool. Enabling your consumers to make precise measurements, this high-performance building device is set to grow at a CAGR of 6.70% by 2026.

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