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        Q: If post means after or behind then what are some words that start with post?
A: postictal postal poster postage postabortion postadolecence postaccident postamputation postanal postapocalyptic postbellum postcard posterior post-partum postp1 postscript 

Q: What is the meaning of the prefix post?
A: post = mail : . postmaster , postboy , postbox , postcode , postcards . post = after : . post-mortem , post-paid , postcolonial , postdate , post-traumatic Post in this case means 'after ' - so some exemplars would be post-modern , post-traumatic & post-war 

Q: What is a sentence for post?
A: the word post has various significance . the next one sentences illustrate them : please post the letter . post the item to the inventory listing tie the rope to the post .