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        Q: Can I hook up a touch screen monitor to my computer? or will that even work?
A: You 'll get all the specific features . So , yes . Trust me , I know . 

Q: Best touch screen monitor?
A: The fact that you 're asking here means the answering it a very strong no .   This 're bleeding edge technology as far as house used . If you have unrestricted sums of money to throw at toys that might work , but will was probably very frustrating was later go for it . If you want something this thing works , instead of something to experiment with was later do n't .   As far as the part of your question about kids , who knows . It depends completely on the software and how well the technology actually operating in the actual world . If they write software that is destined specially for young persons children was later there exists a opportunity that it might works for them . General purpose programs and / or ones made for grown-ups would be a disaster for young kids since it would was just too complicated for them .   I reading an article the other day that said flying automobiles 's closer to a reality . Should I put up a hanger in my back yard ? Same idea . 

Q: What Kind of Power Cord do I need for This Touch Screen Monitor?
A: Note : such guidance is extant without guarantee . Use at your own danger .   First of all , make persuaded that your electricity supply is appropriately linked to your motherboard . You will presumably have both an enormous 24-pin connector and a 4-pin connector that required to be plugged in ( see your motherboard 's manual for detail ) . Make convinced you plug them in the rights way , or you could damage your motherboard . Also , I believe there 's a jumper on that board that is required to in the rights stance for it to boot ( check the manual ) . Make persuaded that your CPU 's fan is plugged into the rights place as well .   For the various case connexions : there exists no standard that is followed by case producers as to connector labeling . If you are fortunate , ground is also possible the continuous wire color in the various connector pairs , or there occasionally is labeling on the small black pins . If you are truly fortunate , there 's been a manual or supporting page on your case makers site that answers this issue .   I ca n't believe this is happening switching power and ground for diodes like the hard disc activity lighting will do any enduring harm - the lights may simply not work or will be on/off at the incorrect times . The same for the case power switching connectors - plug them in the way you believe is rights and if you ca n't switched on , try the other way .   A 550w electricity supply should plenty for such a system . If this really is n't provided adequate power to even begin the system up , it is because it 's ruptured , or something was no connected right , not because 550w was no sufficiently .