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        Q: How long does red wine last?
A: I commencement researching this issue is once againday , as I transpired to find a bottle of Fox Den 1991 private reserve 'Temecula Chenin Blanc ' in our bar . It was looked just likely acquired by my mom back around that time . She passed away that same year . I was cautious of opening it there are at least . Nearly twenty years gone by . But , hey it wo n't hurt to have a sniff . It looked OK , pleasant golden colours . So ... opening I it did . Guess what 

Q: How should a bottle of opened whiskey be stored? How long will it keep?
A: There be a lot of variables related to the wine type , production methods , age of bottle and on and on . There 're all such considerations and exemptions but for 95 % of the wine that most people drink , the answering is absolutely simple .  Three ( 3 ) days . Around here , we keep wines up to three days after the bottle was initiated . Once a bottle of wine is opened , the oxygen in the air starts a process that originally softens the flavours and opens the way to the aromas of the wine . As this process ( oxidation ) continues over numerous hours and days , the wine 's eventually made undrinkable . The trick is 's using the wine before it becomes unpalatable or to pour it out before bad wine is served to guests .  You can ( and in general should ) refrigerate recorked bottes . You can purchase stoppers and gadgets creation a slight vaccuum in the bottle . You can get systems that put a layer of inert gas in the bottle . All such items and endeavors objectivity of at slowing the oxidation that will eventually destroy the wine .  What makes the whole thing tricky is that the wine will not go promptly from good to bad . The wine will , at a point , first began gradually develop tastes that are unpleasant . Just like dairy that 's going bad , every person has a various point at which they determining the beverage as having gone bad .  If you wish to play it safe ( and who does n't with either dairy or wine ) was later just use the 3 day rule . Recork and refrigerate the bottle for up to 3 days . With red wines , pull the bottle from the refrigerator at the very least 1/two hour before you wish to use it so it will warm to a desirable serving temperature in the middle 60 's F. With white wines or roses , just pull and pour when you need them .  Keeping opened wines beyond three days time like playing golf in a lightning storm . You may get through but you 're tempting the fates . If you keep a table wine for more than three days , you will be serving a wine that has forfeited most of the specific characteristics that are prized . The aroma begins with to alter and most of the fresh frusomething smells and tastes will subside . At worstest , you 'll be serving a wine that has oxidised too a lot and is a memberially or totally bad .  Dessert wines like Sauternes , most day-to-day Ports and the majority Sherries can last even longer but those are particular instances . Just play it safe with the 3 day rule . It 's a good practice to write the dated the bottle was inaugurated on the label if there 's a opportunity of confusion . 

Q: How long does a bottle of wine last once it has been opened if it is not refrigerated?
A: A long time ! Usually the longer the bottle of wine stays unopened ; the very best it is assumed to be . I know a person who owns a bottle of wine that is thirty years old .