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Alternatively known as the off-road bikes, the dirt bikes for sale can be grouped into various categories to suit the respective users. Dirt bikes are generally designed to traverse rough terrains. There are 125 cubic centimeters (cc) dirt bikes with a 2-stroke engine, as well as the 4-stroke engine variation of the dirt bike.

Difference between a 2-stroke and 4-stroke engine

Simply put, the 2-stroke dirt bikes for sale have an engine that goes through 2 stages to complete a power stroke, while the 4-stroke goes through 4 stages. The former weighs less than the latter and does not require as much space. However, a 4-stroke engine consumes less fuel.

Trail Dirt Bike

The trail dirt bike's engine can vary from 125cc to 350cc. It is also one of the more common types of dirt bikes. They are lightweight and more beginner-friendly than other options. A 125cc dirt bike can hold about 1.4 gallons in its fuel tank and is not suitable or intended for long-distance travel.

Pit Bike

The 125cc pit bike works similarly to a Motocross and is used to compete in motorsports. Pit bikes are made to run on racing tracks, though more designs to accommodate riding on more intensive terrains have been made available. A 125cc pit bike is an affordable and less intimidating option for beginners to start with.

Adventure Bikes

Compared to a typical 125cc dirt bike, the adventure bikes boost a larger engine capacity and are meant for long-distance rides. It is a versatile choice that allows riders to ride both on the street and off the road. They are not suitable for beginners due to their heavier weight but do take pride in providing a comfortable ride for experienced riders.