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A bike is made up of two hubs, the front hub and the rear hub. The front hub allows the wheel to spin, whereas the rear hub serves as part of the bike's transmission. Front hubs are tubular metals tubular with bearings on each side. Rear hubs have a freewheel on the driving side. This is a splined metal tube made of either aluminum or steel in to which you slip the sprocket. It includes the spring-loaded pawls that provide the clicking sound when cycling. The ratchet-and-pawl system allows the wheel to rotate when riding while still engaging the transmission when turning the pedals.

There are various factors you need to consider when choosing a 12mm rear hub.They include bearing type, materials, and brake rotor compatibility. The type of bearing is essential when selecting a 12mm rear hub.Bearings need to be protected from dirt and water for the hub to serve you longer. They can either be cup and cone bearings or cartridge bearings. Material is also another important consideration. Common materials used in making bicycle hubs include aluminum and carbon fiber. Lastly, bikes utilizing the disc brake system require hubs where you can attach the disc rotor. Rotors can either be six-bolt or center lock.

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