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Discover new finds for your customers from our wholesale 12mm wood beads. 12mm wood beads have a long history originating from the Middle East and southern Asia. Jewelry made from 12mm wood beads are believed to symbolize creativity and liberty. As a result, they are highly versatile for various purposes ranging from prayer to meditation or yoga. Explore our range of wholesale wooden craft beads, painted wooden beads, and natural wood beads.

If you're looking to give your customers a diverse selection of 12mm wood beads, we have a large base of suppliers who provide quality and affordable 12mm wood beads. Different beads have different textures, sizes, and finishes. White wooden beads are perfect for home design projects fit for a beach cabin, or even a statement piece for your next vacation to a tropical island. Natural wood beads and sandalwood beads are more understated and great for subtle details. For a younger crowd or children, our wooden craft beads and painted wooden beads are perfect for an afternoon arts and crafts session.

Shop for wholesale 12mm wood beads for all sorts of DIY projects. At home macrame projects would require large wooden beads for stringing or large hole wooden beads to be able to string through thick yarn. Jewelry makers and craftsman may be picky about the grain and color of different types of wood. Rosewood beads and sandalwood beads come in different shades and finishes. Use them to make a necklace or bracelet set, or even add a few drops of essential oil to them for a calming effect. Explore our wholesalers' entire range of 12mm wood beads at Alibaba.com.