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        Q: Hooking up car amps in your house?
A: The difficulty with with using automobile electronics in the home is the AC-DC power transformation . You can use a 12v electricity supply ( which it sounds like you 're was endeavouring to do already ) , however , when it comes to the quantity of wattage that used for huge subwoofers , a view to finding a electricity supply big sufficiently is feasible tocome very expensive . An 850W amplifier will pop fuzes all day longer on a 350W electricity supply .   And if you 're trying 're looking for a electricity supply that are able handle 850+ watt , you 'd presumably spend less money just to purchase a new house audio amplifier constructed for 120v .   *EDIT* Also , borne in mind its efficiency and effectiveness level of audio amplifiers is feasible to quite bad . Good digital models still solely run about eight0-85 percent efficacy , while being analogue designs maybe it is as low as 50-sixty percent . What does this have got to do with anything ? That mean that to produce 850W of music , the amplifier are in fact pulling everywhere from 1000-1600 watt from the electricity supply , with the rest being disappeared as heating . A good indicator of what you 'll necessary is the fuse ratings on the amp himself . If the amplifier came with ten0A fuse on the side , you are not going to to power it off a electricity supply fused at 50A . 

Q: RE: Muzzle questions!?
A: If these people are getting together was later put one of the outside and 1 inside , but they have to see one another , but cant touch one another . now as for the walks , I completely understand approximately the dogs running around , I 've got the same situation happening at my house . Find a muzzle that will let them pant and drink water , but tight sufficiently so they were ablet put a beverything in their mouths . Oh and make convinced it isnt too tight when you put the small strap behind their head , it may cut off circulation . I would try these muzzles first-http : //dogstuff4u.com/index.php ? main_page=product_info & amp ; cPath=7 & amp ; products_id=93 & amp ; zenid=6fde76546b7e139f5f5c954b0d9f11ce , and tougher ones like this-http : //www.google.com/imgres ? q=muzzles+for+dogs & amp ; hl=en & amp ; client=safari & amp ; sa=X & amp ; rls=en & amp ; biw=1920 & amp ; bih=869 & amp ; tbm=isch & amp ; prmd=imvns & amp ; tbnid=spsxYF-j29MGiM : & amp ; imgrefurl=http : //www.fordogtrainers.com/index.php percent 3Fmain_page percent 3Dproduct_info percent 26cPath percent 3D10one percent 26products_id percent 3D2139 & amp ; docid=Zz3gqiLXF5Cz0M & amp ; imgurl=http : //www.fordogtrainers.com/ProductImages/pictures/dog-muzzle/wire-dog-muzzle/on-dog/labrador/labrador-muzzle-dog-muzzle-wire.jpg & amp ; w=450 & amp ; h=301 & amp ; ei=1TfuT9ejJcbK6gG6iKiKAw & amp ; zoom=1 & amp ; iact=hc & amp ; vpx=1606 & amp ; vpy=264 & amp ; dur=742 & amp ; hovh=184 & amp ; hovw=275 & amp ; tx=166 & amp ; ty=124 & amp ; sig=103553071952338098204 & amp ; page=1 & amp ; tbnh=145 & amp ; tbnw=190 & amp ; start=0 & amp ; ndsp=41 & amp ; ved=1t:429 , r:9 , s:0 , i:108 if the other one doesnt help . Hope this assistances ! 

Q: Gateway SX2800-01 has a 220w power supply, I would like to upgrade the graphics card. What would be best?
A: The electricity supply wo n't lock up as much , and it will be offered a more steady flow to the graphics cards , CPU and other elements . So yes it will run better .   The graphics card 's way more potent than you need . That card will handle the most exacting games out there . So if you plan on playing average games scrap that idea and get a lower graphics cards .   ALSO its most important . Upgrade your CPU ! That 's going to bottleneck your graphics cards . Basically its not as potent , so it ca n't keep up . Even if you went for the GTX 550 , your game will still lag a bit . Becauses of such processor .   I would recommend either getting a AMD Athlon 64x2 3.0ghz or modernize to a triple or quad core processor .   Go for FSP , Antec , Thermaltake , Corsair , OCZ electricity supply . Yes a bit costly , but you do n't wanna to damage your computer . They will going on for years .