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            This spring and summer, stay comfortable with a 12V air conditioner. It can be used in a variety of different environments and is a must-have when the weather is hot. Alibaba.com provides you with many choices when it comes to air conditioners. You can trust us for all of your equipment and accessory needs throughout the year.

A 12V air conditioner is ideal for use in your home, office or small business. It can also be used in a storage area to keep items at the proper temperature. For one of these applications, a 12-volt portable air conditioner may be your best bet, as you can easily take it from location to location. For your vehicle, you can look into a 12V air conditioner for a truck or car. It especially comes in handy on long rides when you're delivering cargo to a specific destination. A 12V air conditioner universal can deliver easy compatibility with your vehicle. Some 12V AC units can be mounted on a window, floor or ceiling. Some models also provide heating so that you can stay warm during the winter months without a separate heater.

Count on Alibaba.com to simplify your search for the right 12V AC or 12V DC air conditioner. The drop-down boxes allow you to quickly filter your search based on type, power source and type, use and safety certifications. With suppliers located around the world, you can choose one in your region to minimize shipping times of your desired 12V air conditioner.