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        Q: How does a microwave oven use the electomagnetic spectrum?
A: The microwaves range falls between infrared radiation and radio waves : approximately . 1 mm - approximately . 1 m . 

Q: Microwave oven question...?
A: to add to the preceding answering .   When you add food to the microwave oven , you 're adding mass .   The microwave oven does not heat . The water molecules in the food 's what 's heating , the radio waves caused by the magnatron tubing cause the molecules to vibrates and friction reasons heating in the food therefore cooking the food . The interior of the furnace remains cool because the furnace does not heat . 

Q: Can i put stuff in the oven, which it says to microwave?
A: Looks like there exist various 12V kettles available .  I think a bit microwave is achievable with an inverter . There certainly be 1000W inverters . You may wish to run a good line right to your battery though , and make convinced you do n't run it down .  Check out marine or RV providers .   One issuance with inverters is inrush current . Just because an appliance is rated 1000W , does not mean a 1000W inverter 's enough . Mostly a problem with electrical automobiles , e.g . I were not able run my 700W domestic refrigerator on a 1000W inverter since it ca n't supply sufficient current to get the motor commencement .