Whole oven heating element induction portable heater silicone rubber heater Silicone oil drum heater is beneficial to take out liquid and coagulum from drums easily by heating, such as adhesive, oil, asphalt, paint, paraffin wax, oil and various resin raw materials in the drum. Some datas for electric silicone oil drum heater : product silicone rubber oil drum electric heater size 20*25mm~500mm*5000mm, thickness1.5mm(can be customized) resistance wire nickel 80% wound wire or nickel 80% foils(thickness 0.05 mm~0.10mm)inside shape variety of shapes, can be customized power design 3~5w/cm2,fast heating working temp. -60~200 degree wire length Standard 200mm Application of electric silicone rubber heater : 1 Industrial equipment, pipelines, barrels, tanks, etc.

In processing, it can improve heat transfer, accelerate temperature rising and reduce power need. Glass fiber-reinforced silicon rubber can ensure the heater to be stable in dimension, without losing flexibility. Our main products are various heating elements,for example, electric heating wires, ceramic heaters, tubu heaters and silicone rubber heaters, and etc.

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Finding a 12v heater that most suits your business needs can be overwhelming due to the various types available. The heating equipment is classified according to the heat source and form of heat transfer, including conduction, convection, and radiation. When selecting the 12v heater for your business, it is vital to consider various factors such as sizing, overall cost, energy efficiency, and climate. Sizing is the process of determining your heating needs and settling on a heating system with the appropriate functional capacity to satisfy them. Therefore, the size and thermal characteristics will determine the type and model of heating equipment you select. Also, when choosing a 12v heater, you should consider the purchase price as well as installation costs and operating and maintenance costs. While capital investment should not be the main consideration, you should get equipment within your budget.

Energy efficiency is another important consideration when selecting a heating system for your business. High-efficiency units provide optimum interior comfort at a considerably reduced cost, allowing you to save on both energy and money. Finally, before selecting a wholesale 12v heater, consider your local climate. The severity of the cold weather in your business' locale will determine the type of heating equipment you select. If you experience colder temperatures, then you should settle for more powerful equipment.

For wholesale 12v heater, visit Alibaba.com. This online platform has partnered will various Chinese wholesalers to offer you a wide selection of heating systems to meet your business needs. You can place your order on this platform at your convenience, in just a few simple clicks.