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There are a wide variety of digital video recorder that are uniquely designed to suit the varied demands of users. For instance, 16ch dvr are perfect for heightened security since their miniature size allows them go unnoticed to the eyes. At home they serve to monitor your baby's sleep cycle or how the babysitter handles the baby and can be readily installed in a baby's favorite doll or toy. Also, in the workplace, 16ch dvr serve to monitor your employees' behavior and work ethics which can significantly increase performance and eliminate unnecessary costs of employing a supervisor. Additionally, mini recorders have found significant utility in the sports and fitness area due to their ease of portability

You can find a 16ch dvr featuring infrared vision and motion detection at a wholesale price. The infrared vision is indispensable for recording in poorly lit conditions and at night. On the other hand, motion detection refers to the ability of the security camera to compare two images captured sequentially and establish whether the differences between them imply motion. When motion is detected, the camera sends you a notification to your email in a timely fashion. Consequently, with a 16ch dvr featuring an infrared lamp and motion detection, you are certain of round-the-clock surveillance and protection.

Innovative technology in a 16ch dvr has revolutionized video recording by use of a video compressing algorithm that economizes the space consumed by the recorded images and videos. It is a well-known fact that the storage space is likely to be filled up very quickly with capturing HD videos and pictures. The wholesale department at Alibaba.com have embarked on stocking 16ch dvr that offer sufficient storage space, such as up to 4 terabits, coupled with a video compressing algorithm. Subsequently, digital video recorders for sale are experiencing a tremendous surge of popularity.