About product and suppliers:

Whether you're restoring your vehicle to its original level of high performance or manage a garage in need of a replacement 1JZ engine, at Alibaba.com you'll find a large selection to suit your needs. You'll have access to new and used Toyota engines designed for Toyota models such as the Supra, Chaser, Cresta and Mark 2. 

There are a variety of JZ1engine types from which to choose. Some of the models are 4 or 6 cylinder and are standard or turbo-charged. The 1JZ crate engine can also be for diesel or generated with gasoline only. Additionally, some suppliers may include a complete engine that includes injectors, the alternator, coil packs, a clutch, starter and accessories. Some accessories include an engine wiring harness to prevent your twin-turbo 1JZ GTE engine from movement.

Looking for a particular JZ1 engine is simple at Alibaba.com. Just have your specs in front of you prior to using the search engine. And, then once you have a compiled list of your requirements, narrow the search to show only the few that offer an exact fit. All of the suppliers are certified and use similar processes when it comes to acquiring their twin-turbo 1JZ engines. The 1JZ motor must have low mileage and then once approved, it's then cleaned and compression tested to make sure the engine runs on all cylinders. When it comes to shipping your 1JZ crate engine, it's packaged in a pallet box to ensure it remains secure.

When shopping at Alibaba.com you'll have a wide range of new and used 1JZ engine models available. Whether you're looking to send your kid off to college in an old Toyota Supra or replace a damaged engine for a customer, you'll find that the right 1JZ turbo engine.