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        Q: I'm moving to China, if I plug an American extension cord into the wall, will it work over there?
A: That will work just fine , just the same as if you usage an prolongation cord in the US . There will just be a funny physical adapter to make it fit the plug .   France is 220 volts ( US is 120 ) , so solely plug in things that are able adapt to that voltage .   The three chargers will not draw sufficient power to cause a problem . The reason to prevent putting too numerous things on an prolongation cord is that you are able pull so much power that the wire in the extension cord will heat up , but to do that you 'd required to connect numerous high-power appliances on the same prolongation cord . None of those chargers draws much power , so running all three on one cord 's completely safe . 

Q: Is my air conditioner extension cord safe?
A: you 're rights , the cord is rated for what you are asking it to do . this small a unit 's going to be fine on that cord . usually , prolongation cords should not to utilise on window units . mainly because people do not sized the cord to the unit and run something big with a bit cord or a cord that was just too longer . you 've done good , go forwards and sleep with it on , enjoyable and cool ! : ) 

Q: What is a \"AC POWER CORD CABLE EXTENSION CORD\" used for? 10 points?
A: you are able just buy anothers ordinary cable to put your charger in its much less expensive and itjust works as well  Just a Normal electrical Cable and this way it is able be as longer as you please here is a photograph for how its gon na look like and its simple to find i 'm using it my self ^_^  http : //image.made-in-china.com/2f0j00VMtQnWlhgSca/Extension-Cable-Extension-Line-ZX-8108-.jpg