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How is Baltic Birch Plywood Made?

It takes nine steps to create a sheet of 3/4 Baltic birch plywood. The first step is accumulating and storing the tree logs from which the plywood will be rendered. Next, the bark must be stripped from the logs without damaging the inner wood. Once that is finished, the logs are bucked, which means they are cut into the required lengths.

Now referred to as blocks, the logs are heated using hot water baths, hot water spray, steam, or any combination of these methods. A veneer lathe will then cut the blocks into thin sheets, which are then trimmed down to allow for shrinkage. The veneers then move on to a dryer, where their moisture content is taken down to between 1% to 15%. The drying is usually done by circulating hot air via a jet dryer.

The moisture level of the veneers is checked against the target level as it leaves the dryer. Once they pass the test, they have a resin applied with either glue spreaders or spray systems. To assemble the 3/4 plywood, the panels, which must be symmetrical, are placed together. The 4x8 plywood is then sent to a press that consolidates the layers with pressure and heat. The final touch sees the edges trimmed off and the front and back may be sanded to yield the finished product.

What is Plywood Used For?

Because it is relatively inexpensive, birch plywood is popular for many different applications. Luan plywood panels are often used for exterior uses such as walls and roof linings. It is also used for subflooring at times. When used indoors, 4 x 8 birch plywood works well as cabinets when used as the back and side panels. Being flexible and durable, Baltic birch 4 x 8 plywood also can be used for framing interior walls. For crafting and projects around the house, plywood is valued for its versatility.

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