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        Q: Where is the oil drain plug on a 2006 vstar 1100?
A: petroleum draining sporster . \nYOU drain the engine petroleumetres away from the rubber tubing just under the battery tray . THERE is a plug constructed into the underside of the tray . ... .Have a few rags under the bike ... this can get MESSY.\nAlan 

Q: 2005 nissan xterra help finding plug?
A: There are solely three things . You looked just likely known them , but do not want to bear it . It all ha to do with compression . One is the rings 're not sealing the cylinder . The other two are exhaust and intake valves 're not sealing the cylinder . Get a compression gage , run a dried compression test on each cylinder . and mark them down . Now with a petroleum can . Put petroleum in each cylinder before you check it . Mark these down .  The compression should go up .  Here how to reading it . Any cylinder 25psi less is a weak cylinder . Which put the engine out of balancing . Great compression wet is a 160psi . Any cylinder felling be low 60psi wet or dry is a deceased cylinder . You ought to have 90psi opening fire each time .  Take is chairman off . And sent to mechanics shopping to be finalizedly tested . Includes a flow test . This will let you are aware if you hap shall be substituted for the head , or it the valves 're all you required to do . With head is chairman off you are able see down into the cylinders . Look for hole in the pitons . The ones not firing will be wash sanitized . See if they move about in the cylinder , cracking and crazes in the cylinder wall . AT the top of the cylinder weverything you will see a ridge were the top ring stop . If you 're seeing a heavy one . it time reconstruct the engine from the ground up . Hopefully you get by without anyn sealing valves . Over a 100,000 miles it good ideal to go all the way . 

Q: What is the spark plug gap on a John Deere 2020?
A: Look at the petroleum filling . The place where the dip-stick is . You will see a metal clamp . Follow that clamp to the front . There you will see a black wire . That is the wire that goes to the spark plug . Gently pull the wire off and later you will see the spark plug . You will be required the the long 1/2 '' socket in order to fit into the space to loosen the plug . When you put the new plug in , use the socket to assist in you . It 'il be easier for you . Your fingers will not fit . Good luck , Lou