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        Q: Can anyone think of a thesis statement for these topics?
A: Stephen Crane ’ s works present abrupt shifting in tone and point of viewing and frequently the relevant works concluded without establishing either certainty about characters or solutions to thematic issuing . Crane ’ s imaging is lively , but the relevant works rarely provide final interpreting ( e.g. , the empty bucket in “ A Mystery of Heroism ” ) . These qualities had helped to Crane ’ s multi-layer irony . Crane it seemed to encourage the reader to enrich and reassess ideas about patterns of the measures and althought . Crane asks questions instead of delivering answers . Crane it seemed to have valued his poems rather highly as formulations of his sense of the world . In like manner , the pace and drama of “ A Mystery of Heroism ” makes it easier as a doorway to Crane than the more stately and ambitious reflectiveness of “ The Open Boat . ” 

Q: From what country did the surname Crane originate?
A: Surname 'Crane ' . The name is English and of Germanic origin . However , please borne in mind that in specific cases the English name 'Crane ' is also possible a translation from a different language . 

Q: What is a mobile crane and what are the uses?
A: gantry cranes are types of crane which lifting objets by a hoist which is fitted in a trolley and able to move horizontally on a rail or pair of railway fitted under a beam . A portable crane is any portable crane , i.e . one that are easily moved from one localisation to the other , occasionally whilst carrying a loading . Generally these cranes are suitableted in trucks .