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What is a 3D holo fan?

A 3D holo fan is one of the most modern and cutting-edge technologies to be introduced in recent years. 3D holo fans create unique and creative 3D videos using holographic effects. The 3D holo fan makes a realistic illusion that the object being portrayed is floating in the air. The fan spins so fast that it almost becomes totally invisible to the naked eye. The object being projected by the holo fan 3D gets a seamless, see-through background that gives it a unique, classy look with a realistic feel. Holo fans come with two or four straight blades that run at super speed to reveal beautiful designs. Buyers can connect their phones to the 3D holo fan using WiFi. They can then upload videos and photos to be projected and displayed on the 3D holo fan.

What are 3D holo fans used for?

The 3D holo fan is mainly used for marketing and advertising purposes. Companies can create custom 3D holo fan art to resemble their logo and another company branding. Buyers can place holo fans in airports, shopping malls, and other public areas for people to see and recognize their brand.

A rainbow holo fan produces an iridescent, rainbow-colored radial spinning background to the image being displayed on the 3D holo fan. LED holo fans have strips of RGB LEDs attached to the spinning blades that are on the fan. It comes with a control unit that lights up the pixels as the fan rotates. This is how the full picture is displayed. Holo fan walls are known to create something that looks like a portal or window that pushes into the wall. 3D images can be displayed in this portal. There are several holo fan love leisure activities for buyers to enjoy as well. Fluid fantasy iridescent holo fans are made of iridescent materials that reflect and refract light. Holo fan and Lawrence art is a custom 3D holo fan that anime lovers like to purchase.

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