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A 4K TV brings sharp, vivid detail to pictures so the motion and images on the screen seem more lifelike. The action moves smoothly so viewers don't miss a frame and get a realistic flow of movement. This level of quality is seen not only when watching movies and sports but also playing video games. A 4K LED TV is a reliable choice for adding to any home entertainment center.

With a 4K smart TV, users get the added convenience of a built-in web connection. The TV connects to a home WiFi network and uses a device such as a Roku or Chromestick to connect to streaming medial channels. Some 4K TV models even have one of these streaming devices built-in so there's no need for a separate device. Smart TVs stream media smoothly so movies flow easily and with minimal lag. They are also typically equipped with HDMI ports for plugging in movie disc players and getting optimal quality picture and sound.

For those who prize audio quality, look for a 4K Ultra HD TV with powerful integrated speakers or the ability to connect to a sound system. Subwoofers and soundbars add greatly to the viewing experience. A 4K TV is also capable of depicting millions of colors on the screen for achieving near photorealism. Sharp contrasts between light and dark colors add depth.

Choose from a range of sizes, including a 4K 65 inch TV or a smaller or larger size. The size of a TV should be based on the size of the room to ensure a clear view of the screen. Some 4K TV models have curved screens for a panoramic view.