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        Q: Is sulfuric acid the same as battery acid?
A: Yes , it is . Sulphuric acid is in lead-acid batteries . The batteries which is extremely usually used on vehicles . Unlike most 'dry ' batteries employed today , the acid is in liquids form in the battery ( It is a 'wet ' battery ) so it is able be dangerous if anybody upset one . The strong acid may leak out through the vent holes at the capping of each cell . 

Q: Brands of AA lead acid batteries?
A: You can float a 12V lead-acid battery at 13.8V endlessly . I have made these with thermally constrained adjustable regulatory authorities . The limit 's usually 1A . With 13.8V any battery with any Ah rating is feasible to charged , the present drawn will not be higher that the battery is feasible to securely charged or floated .   You can also purchase charging maintenance supplies but they tends to fail opening circuit in cases of faulty battery , they are able not to utilise to charge an uncharged battery .   I have a solar cell maintaining a charging on a 7Ah lead-acid battery . No current limiter needed since the short circuit current is 380mA . Free of costss after original purchase of the solar cell . 

Q: What are the ingredients in a CAR battery?
A: this factor are dependent on the kinds of battery there exist various type of batteries which are lead acid , Nickel Cadmium , Lithium Ion , etc for example the contains of lead acid battery is- Lead ( Pb ) and Acid essentially H 2 so 4 with water H 2 o and plates are made of Pb lead a