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4by 8 plywood is a 32 square foot plywood panel measuring 4 feet by 8 feet long and wide, respectively. Its thickness varies from 0.5 to 1.5 inches, and so is the 4x8 plywood price. Thicker, a quarter an inch plus pieces sell on average10 USD a piece at wholesale price. You will also find thinner pieces at a much lower factory price and discounts for lighter indoor duties.

Grades of 4x8 plywood

The surface of the 4x8 plywood grade A is sanded down smoothly, with no holes or knots, and is flat. Birch plywood 4x8 meandering patterns are visible and 4x8 wood sheets can be painted directly without sanding. B Grade, on the other hand is of slightly lower quality. The surface of this cheap plywood 4x8 is also smooth but not flat. Small knots bump out of the surface.

C grade 4x8 plywood is the cheapest option with clear knots up to 3 inches wide. The surface is distorted with tree cores and patterns. Lastly, for hardwood 4x8 treated plywood, the grading system is represented by A1 and D4, which is the highest and lowest quality, respectively. Both A grade and D4 are useful in interior decors and demanding tasks. Marine plywood 4x8 is for cisterns, boat hulls, and decking. While grades C and D1 will perform basic insulation, and due to their low price, the demand for medium quality 4x8 plywood is higher.

What is a size tolerance?

Size tolerance of a 4x8 plywood is the difference in its thickness. Cabinet and A grade 4x8 plywood have a size tolerance of a 64th of an inch 2 times better than grade C, D1, or utility grade plywood. Despite varying grades, buyers spend less and receive more when shopping for 4X8 plywood from an online wholesaler. They can also select from different factory-direct suppliers and get plywood whenever it is needed.

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