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The stretchy, yet strong, characteristic of plastic polymers never ceases to amaze. They can be colored, cut, layered, easily stored in a “poly roll” and manufactured in whichever way is necessary.

Be it for wrapping, painting, printing, or other production-related activities, there’s always a plastic polymer to help in some step of the process. On Alibaba.com, business owners specialized in the sector can find and contact wholesale international suppliers for plastic sheets, such as a roll of clear vinyl, polyethylene, PET, PVC, and other polymers.

Polymers Used and Thickness of the Sheet

The diversity of polymers in the industry is vast and the right one will depend on the use case. One of the most popular is polyethylene, or PE, and its variations (HDPE, LDPE, and LLDPE). The plastic fencing roll, for example, can be made from a 10 mil plastic sheeting of HDPE, a higher density version of PE. On the smaller size, the plastic wrap roll used for packaging everything from furniture to fruits and vegetables uses LDPE, the lower density version of PE. Aside from their flexibility and strength, polymer sheets can be colored, allowing for both a clear plastic roll or, on the opposite side, a black plastic roll, for example.

The thickness will range from microns to millimeters, increasing the puncture and tearing resistance as it goes up, with a thick plastic roll being much more resistant than the others. For example, a heavy-duty, 6 mil plastic sheeting roll, such as those used for home insulation and construction, is designed to better handle impacts and other forces applied to it.

If the plastic is going to be exposed to sunlight, having a protective layer or coating for UV light is essential. Without it, the structural integrity of the sheet can be damaged or compromised.

With those factors in mind, you can browse the offers to find everything from the heavy-duty plastic sheeting roll to the smaller 50-micron plastic roll. Contact a supplier and start buying wholesale products today.

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