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A 500-ohm resistor is used in a circuit. If we place a 500-ohm resistor with uncharged 1.50 capacitors in parallel, the current passes through the capacitors, not the resistor. Here the uncharged capacitors act as a short circuit.

What Is A 500-ohm Resistor?

In electrical terms, a resistor is a component that resists electricity flow. Since the resistance is measured in ohms (Ω), an ohm, is known as an ohm resistor. A resistor having a resistance of 500 ohms is a 500-ohm resistor.

What Is The Use Of A 500-ohm Resistor?

A 500-ohm resistor in a circuit slows down the current flowing through it. Appliances like heaters, ovens, toasters, etc. use a 500-ohm resistor to slow down the current and turn it into heat. Then they use the heat lost to warm up the area at a high temperature around it. That is how those appliances heat up and function. Another common example is an incandescent light bulb where the filament is a resistor. It slows down the current and then warms up the wire to a high temperature to give off light. A 500-ohm resistor is used in a LED light to limit the current since excessive current will destroy the LED. A 500-ohm resistor 1/2 watt or a 500-ohm resistor 1/4 watt is also used for dividing the voltage.

What Is The 500-ohm Resistor Color Code?

Color bands in a resistance show the resistance. Since a 500-ohm resistor color code does not exist, one can use the color code for a 510-ohm resistor. A 500-ohm resistor color code is Green, Brown, Brown, and Gold.

Features of a 500-ohm Resistor

A 500-ohm resistor like the 500-ohm resistor by RadioShack is a 500-ohm resistor 1/2watt with 5% tolerance. When converting a 0-20ma signal to a voltage, Ohm's law is used to calculate a resistor value. So, a 500-ohm resistor for a 4-20ma signal will be 2VDC. A 4-20ma 500-ohm resistor is a fixed resistor. It can be a wire wound or carbon-composition type.

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