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Browse through offers for wholesale 50k potentiometer, 10k potentiometer, and other types and models of potentiometers and electronic devices. Potentiometers can be both measuring instruments and voltage controllers. There are many potentiometer types, and they can be classified by their mechanism of action or function. By the mechanism of action, we have the mechanical and digital potentiometer. Mechanical potentiometers include the rotary potentiometer and the linear potentiometer. The first functions by rotation, and the other by linear sliding. A string potentiometer is also mechanical, and it’s used to measure movement. The digital potentiometer has been designed for more accurate measurements than mechanical ones. They all have three terminals.

The potentiometers also vary by their value in ohms. This value determines the range of operation of that particular potentiometer. The standard values can go from lower 500Ω or 1k potentiometer to upwards of a 500k potentiometer or 1M potentiometer. A 5k potentiometer, for example, can operate in the range of 5K Ohms and lower. It’s important to check what the recommended uses are before testing a potentiometer. Those with higher values, like a 250k potentiometer, are good choices when it comes to guitar potentiometers. A 50k potentiometer will also have its own specifications of resistance and recommended uses.

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