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5v power supply

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About 5v power supply

A power supply is an important part of any electronic project. Some may require the use of 5V USB adapters, while others may be solar-powered or battery-operated. It provides the circuit with the power it requires for the operation of the device, allowing voltage and current to flow.

Types of power supply

It is crucial to use a suitable power supply to operate any electronic products. Among them, the 5-volt DC power supply is more commonly seen. They are used for displays and computers. With the use of transformers, a 5V power supply can be obtained from 240V input. Such supply can be classified into regulated and unregulated.


Electronics require a specific amount of current and voltage to operate properly. Hence, with a 5V or 12V regulator, it allows unregulated voltage to be converted into a stabilized 5V or 12V. Regardless of the power supply, its job is to maintain it at 5V or 12V. However, for the typical regulators, the main supply needs to be at a higher amount to maintain it at the rate required. For example, for it to be maintained at 5V, a power supply of 7V may be needed.


Many USB ports offer a 5V power supply. For charging smaller devices, such as wearables, a 5V/1A adapter may be sufficient. On the other hand, charging mobile phones and other devices may use a 5V/2.4A power supply instead. To offer faster charging, there are 5V adapters that offer higher amperage, such as the 5V/3A power supply or even a 5V/4A power supply. However, it is important to note that for faster charging with a 5V/3A power adapter to work as intended, the device will need to have a charging circuit with similar charging standards, as well as an adapter and cable meant for the intended purpose.