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        Q: What are fiber optic cables used for?
A: 1 . Immunity to Electromagnetic Interference 2 . Data Security 3 . Non Conductive Cables 4 . Eliminating Spark Hazards 5 . Ease Of Installation six . High Bandwidth Over Long Distances 

Q: How did they put fiber-optic cable under the ocean?
A: They use a cable-laying vessel . Basically a ship with a enormous drumming of cable that is spooled out as the ship travels .   Light gets attenuated along a cable since it is absorbed by the fiber . To boost the signalling they insert an amplifier or repeater in the cable every ten0km or so . The repeaters are powered via copper cables that run in the mid of the fiber bundle . 

Q: How to connect to fiber optic internet?
A: Here are the short answers :  Does the router and optical fiber cable both connect you to the Internet ? ANS : YES . Somewhere along the line .  I mean like can you connect to the Internet with either one ? ANS : NO . You need an ISP  Do you need both to get to the Internet ? ANS : NO . You is not necessary a personal router or fibre cable .   Lets define the terms : A data ROUTER `` ... is a device that forwards data packages between computer netis working . ''  A fibres optic cable is a cable consisted of 1 or more strands of glass in which the information is broadcast by methods of lighting instead of by electricity down a strand of copper wire .  As a feature novice , what 's required to connect to the internet is an Internet Service Provider . That Internet Service Provider ( ISP ) could be your local library , Starbucks coffee shopping , McDonalds restaurant . At those placements , these businesses serve as being an ISP to you at the time you spend patronizing their servicing . Yes a router is embroiled at those enterprises and to there may be some fiber optical cable somewhere in the connection , but to you it does n't matter .  At your home , the ISP could be your local cable company , landline telephone , or cellular phones company . Internet servicing are generally provided to the house by way of a copper wire ( Copper COAX or telephone distorted wire ) or by cell telephone radio frequency . As to whether or not you required to to worry about with a router , is conditional on your demands for you to sharing that internet connection with 2 or more desktop/laptop computers either by copper cable or by wireless radio transmission ( wi-fi ) .