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7s lithium ion battery bms

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About 7s lithium ion battery bms

Buying a 7s lithium-ion battery is a hefty investment, and most customers will want them to last longer and be protected from overcharging and discharging. With a 7s lithium-ion battery BMS (battery management system), a battery will last longer and perform optimally. The 7s lithium-ion battery BMS manages current flows in and out of each cell during charging and discharging. Basically, the 7s BMS is an intelligent system responsible for advanced monitoring and top battery performance. Get a new 7s BMS by visiting online wholesalers.

How does a BMS for a 7s 24v lithium-ion battery work?

A 7s lithium-ion battery is a portable motherboard-like device that is wired to a battery's terminals or individual cells. The wires contact current through the BMS and depending on the signals received, the unit will determine the battery's health and charge level. Besides that, modern BMS for 24V batteries will stop the charging process when there is a short circuit, or the battery is full.

Types of 7s li-ion BMS

There are three types of 7s BMS for 24V batteries: centralized, distributed, and modular. A centralized BMS is the cheapest and most complicated to wire. It is difficult to expand the BMS. In contrast, the distributed 7s lithium-ion battery BMS is simple to install but expensive. Modular has features of both centralized and distributed BMS.

How do you know the size of a lithium-ion BMS to buy?

When a wholesaler talks about the size of a BMS, they are referring to the current rating. To protect your battery better, you will need a BMS with a 15% higher current rating. Take, for example, a 7s lithium-ion battery that is about to run a 1000W inverter. The maximum current of the BMS should be more than 34 Amps (1000W/29.4 (the maximum voltage of a fully charged 7s lithium-ion battery)). But for more headroom, increase the current rating by 15%, and you will get 39.1 Amps. This is the actual current rating for the battery's BMS.