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Source premium grade scrap copper for your recycling needs and help minimize mining efforts. Shop for a/c & fridge compressor scrap.. wholesale on Alibaba.com from a multitude of suppliers from all over the world. Buy grade A and AA with up to 99.99% purity level at low prices. Wholesalers from Alibaba.com provide you with both insulated and non-insulated a/c & fridge compressor scrap... Millberry copper is a non-insulated copper wire that doesn’t need stripping before recycling, hence, saving you valuable time. This kind of copper doesn’t contain metal alloys, making it as pure as the original metal. Scrap coppercan be recycled many times without losing its value. This recycling allows you to mold it into whatever shape you want.

a/c & fridge compressor scrap.. is useful in making ornaments, electrical components, automotive parts, bullion bars, copper rods, copper bars, among other copper products. You can also mix it with other metals to make strong copper alloys for various uses. a/c & fridge compressor scrap.. comes with diameters of 0.20, 0.25, and 0.30. Tensile strength ranges from 450n/mm2 to 1,000n/mm2. Weight/spool is from 3kg to 20kg. Specific sizes, weight, and strength will vary depending on the supplier. Apart from wires, other wholesalers provide a/c & fridge compressor scrap.. in form of copper plates and copper tubes.

a/c & fridge compressor scrap.. is packaged in pallets or bundles depending on the quantity. Considering the non-corrosive property of copper, you can stock large quantities and minimize overall ordering cost and purchase price. Buy a/c & fridge compressor scrap.. in bulk through Alibaba.com and enjoy lower prices.

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