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Different types of ac-dc adaptor are ideal for various electronic devices. They are called an "AC adapter" or "charger," and electrical adapters plug into a wall outlet and convert AC to a single DC voltage. All computers every brand use multiple DC voltages, and the adapter portion is the external part of the power supply for an electronic device, such as a laptop. The internal circuits create different voltages. This equipment is a needed device, but it could become a problem if you're not sure about all the details. Some manufacturers and suppliers put a lot of information on the label. Other manufacturers place a few details. To learn more about this equipment, contact us and request a quote.

ac-dc adaptor also exists for other purposes; to output a different voltage. It's very important to know which adapter goes with what device. Having so many chargers gets frustrating and if they come separated from the device they are intended for it can lead to a dangerous situation. To know more about this electrical equipment and the bulk pricing that is available contact a supplier to discuss your needs and they will find a suitable solution. If you're interested in wholesale pricing our suppliers work with small businesses and can assist. has a wide range of ac-dc adaptor for all brands' devices. These electrical devices are portable so you can leave your charging dock at home and charge your device. Contact a supplier for a price list and specifications that are suitable for you. Bulk pricing is available.